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   Chapter 278 Was She Pregnant (Part One)

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Cassandra wondered, 'Did I hear that right? Is someone really planning to make an investment in the Qin Group?'

"Excuse me, which investment company are you calling from?" she asked carefully and seemingly intrigued.

She remembered that the last time she took a taxi, the driver unexpectedly drove her to a hotel under the pretense that someone wanted to have a word with her. When she discovered that the person who met her at the hotel was looking to invest in the Qin Group, she walked out of there without a word. In her arrogance, she let her pride dictate her decisions and refused to accept investments from anyone at that time. However, circumstances had changed drastically for the Qin Group since then. Now the sudden emergence of this potential investor was starting to feel like a blessing.

"Hello, Miss?Qin, we have met each other before."

The man on the other end of the phone had a confident tone to his voice. The moment he said that, she knew exactly who she was speaking to.

"Well then, let's meet and discuss everything in detail,"

she diligently asked to make an appointment to elaborately assess the investment.

After hanging up the phone, Cassandra took a careful look at the printed e-mail in her hand, ready to conduct a detailed research into the e-mail sender's information over the Internet.

Just as she clicked the browser open, the latest news popped up on her news feed.

The news article had a picture of Rufus holding Amanda's hand as they strolled around the streets of Paris. Glancing at the picture left her insides contracting with a shocking coldness.

'Oh no! This can only mean that Lionel wasn't lying to me at all. He was actually speaking the truth when he said that Rufus and Amanda had gone to Paris together. This picture of them in public is enough to prove the intimacy of their relationship.' Cassandra shuddered at the thought.

Like a chi

to gain her trust so she wouldn't second-guess his real intentions.

"May I ask you one question, Mr. Ke? Now that the Qin Group is struggling financially to make ends meet, aren't you afraid of incurring a loss once you invest on us?"

Cassandra sat there, carefully observing the man's reactions, but she still couldn't see through his underlying motives.

"Ha! If the Qin Group's business were prospering financially and it had many talents operating in its office, you would still refuse my proposal if I wanted to invest in your company. As for the rationale behind my investment, it is essential for investors to pay more attention towards long-term interests rather than the immediate interests."

Raising the corner of his mouth again, he gave her a faint smile. In this way, he managed to appear a bit milder compared to the intimidating look he had before.

"I appreciate your honesty, Mr. Ke. I am happy to know that you attach such great importance to the Qin Group. The fact that you wish to stand by the company during these trying times is evidence of your eagerness and unwavering trust in it."

After carefully considering what he had said and finding sincerity in his words, Cassandra gradually put the doubts and suspicions in her mind to rest.

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