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   Chapter 277 Scandalous (Part Three)

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He knew what Rufus's silence meant even before he gave out his answer. Charlie understood that he was unwilling to deal with Clark, but there was no better candidate than him to be the next head of the group. He had to somehow convince him to agree.

"I don't want to meddle in other people's business. You know that,"

Rufus insisted and shook his head in refusal.

"You are one of us. That makes this your business. You can't just run away from your responsibilities,"

Charlie pressed, and looked at Rufus meaningfully.

Rufus knew what Charlie wanted from him. He knew that the older man wanted him to be the next leader. It was not a bad position, but for the time being, there were other things on his mind.

He shook his head again. "I can help you with the investigation, but I can't give anything more than that."

Rufus had made up his mind and refused, finality in his tone.

Despite Rufus's stubbornness, Charlie was inwardly delighted.

'A man of honor and principle. As expected of the man I chose, ' he praised him secretly.

'It doesn't matter if he's not yet agreed. When the time comes, he will inevitably be involved in it. There will be a significant change within the group, and Rufus will definitely be there.'

Satisfied, Charlie didn't press him any longer. He stood up and pat him on his shoulder.

"We are not in a hurry. Think it over more carefully. You've given a lot of contribution to the group. With your accomplishments of establishing and developing TY Group, you have already defeated Clark," he said, and then his voice changed into a more serious tone. "As for the relationship between you and Amanda, I trust that you will give me a satisfying answer."

Charlie pressed his shoulder slightly as he spoke the words, which gave away the warning that came with the contact.

Amanda was his only daughter. He would make Rufus choose her. He was well aware of the respect that the young man had for him, and he would use it if necessary. Rufus would not be able to refuse.

As for love, that could come later. They had already been together once, and they would have no problem doing it again.

As for Cassandra... Charlie squinted his eyes as he remembered the woman who refused to get off the taxi and talk to him.

He would deal with her on his own.

Cassandra rubbed

f left within just one month! It was abnormal how quickly they left. She paid them even when there were no projects to be done, but they still went away one after the other.

With no staff, the project could not be carried out. If things continued as they were, the company would fall into ruin in no time. It was too well thought out to be a coincidence. Someone was out to destroy the Qin Group.

Cassandra shivered at the terrible guess.

When Vernon went into jail, she was anxious about the Qin Group's future. There had been many problems so far, but this was on a whole new level.

To make matters worse, she did not even know who she was up against. Her enemy had no face or name.

A painful throb cramped in her stomach. She had been stressed out this month, and her period had been late in arriving. It was only now that it occurred to her how much time had lapsed since her last bleeding.

'Is my period coming now?' she thought as she pressed a hand to her belly to ease the pain.

This was just a minor pain. She had more serious things to think about. Before anything else, she had to find out the person trying to bring the company to ruin.

Suddenly, the phone on the desk rang. Cassandra jumped in surprise at the sound.

It was her work phone. It was mostly used to answer calls from clients. They hadn't been having new projects for a long time. Who could be calling this time?

She picked up the phone. An unfamiliar voice spoke from the other side.

"Miss Qin, I'd like to talk to you about investing on Qin Group."

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