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   Chapter 276 Scandalous (Part Two)

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She knew there was no need for her to worry about what they would talk about. No matter what it was, her father would definitely take her side.

Once she was out of the room, Charlie's demeanor changed into a more serious air. He looked at Rufus with a deep, penetrating gaze and asked, "Rufus, are you sure you will marry Amanda?"

Any trace of his earlier cheerfulness was now gone from his face. Charlie had asked Amanda to leave, knowing that she would possibly be hurt by the conversation. Rufus's expression did not escape him. He knew that something was wrong.

Rufus held the older man's gaze with his own. "To be honest, Charlie, I don't want to marry her."

Rufus did not like taking the roundabout way of doing things. After all, Charlie was his mentor. He gave him his answer directly. Now that there was only the two of them, there was nothing holding him back from speaking his mind.

Charlie's face visibly hardened at his answer. "But why did you... why did you stay with her last night!"

Rufus had expected his outburst. The older man's hands shook as he tried to hold his anger.

'Since when did Rufus become such an irresponsible man?! Just last night, he has slept with Amanda, and now he is saying he doesn't want to marry her? What is this bastard thinking?' Charlie cursed inwardly.

"You know perfectly why. I care for Amanda because I think of her as a sister. The woman I love is Cassandra."

Rufus's face softened as he spoke of Cassandra. A gentle expression appeared on his face as he mentioned her name.

"Pfft. Love be damned! You're not thinking clearly. That woman isn't good enough for you!"

Charlie had Cassandra investigated a long time ago. He learned that she had close relations with Rufus despite being married to his brother Lionel. When Rufus's aunt Michelle went to talk to her to put a stop to their relationship, they had a quarrel which ended with Michelle falling down from the third floor.

She was worthless. She had nothing to her name and a torn reputation in everyone's eyes. But Rufus was saying

was Charlie talking to him about Clark?

"Some shady business? What do you mean?" Rufus asked, feigning ignorance.

Word passed quickly in the business, and so of course, rumors would reach him even if he did not actively seek it out. However, he pretended to know nothing. He and Clark were in different worlds now, and he did not want to concern himself about his business.

"He sells drugs,"

Charlie squeezed the words through gritted teeth. It was the lowest of the low. Clark had been involved in it left an unforgivable tarnish in the group's reputation.

"What do you plan to do then?"

Rufus merely cocked a brow at Charlie's revelation. He appeared not to be shocked at all.

At this point, nothing about Clark would surprise him anymore. He could be in prison, for all he cared.

"Gather enough evidence, kick him out, and then find another man to take over the group."

Charlie held nothing back about his plans from Rufus. He might be a fool when it came to women, but he was unrivalled when it came to work.

Rufus frowned and paused in thoughtful silence.

'I can't get involved in it. I have more important things to do, ' he told himself.

"You will help me, right, Rufus? You were trained by Dark Night, and you will always be a member of it, whether you like it or not. You can't just stand by and let this happen!" Charlie demanded.

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