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   Chapter 275 Scandalous (Part One)

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A tense silence had settled in the room as Charlie stood wide-eyed at the scene in front of him. He could hardly believe his eyes.

He opened his mouth, but no sound came out. After a few moments of stunned and confused silence, he turned around and walked outside before shutting the door behind him.

Amanda's face burned with embarrassment. She turned to Rufus and said, "What do we do now, Rufus? My father saw us..."

Her voice dropped in a seductive tone and she looked at him through half-lidded eyes. Any man in the right mind would find her tantalizing.

However, Rufus's mind was in a place very far from the alluring sight in front of him. His face darkened as he remained silent.

'How was Charlie able to enter the room?' he wondered thoughtfully.

As a matter of fact, what he didn't know was that it was a carefully orchestrated plan by none other than Amanda. She had secretly left the door unlocked, and after finding the right moment, she sent a message to her father asking him to come straight inside using Rufus's phone.

At the moment, Rufus's angry face was putting a damper to Amanda's mood. However, she brightened up when she thought of the success of her plan. Her father had seen her and Rufus. There was no way he would just let things be as they were. A thrill ran through her as she thought of a wedding that would not be far off.

Rufus sat up and wrapped the thin quilt around his body. He stood up and walked to the rest room to get changed without so much as a word.

When he walked out, Amanda had already put her clothes on. She peeked at him coyly, her face still dusted in red.

She turned her eyes to look outside and then looked back to Rufus, giving off an air of hesitation. She asked in a low voice, "Should I ask my father to come in?"

Her face turned even redder after she had uttered the words.

Rufus gave her no reply and proceeded to open the door. Charlie was standing outside. The older was staring blankly at nothing, as if he had not yet fully processed the earlier scene.

He snapped back to himself immediately when he noticed Rufus's pre

are you so shy about? Just pick a date and I'll handle the preparations. It's going to be a grand celebration. I'm sure you will love it!"

Charlie beamed at his daughter and stroked her hair. To him, Amanda would always be his little girl.

"Okay, okay, I get it. I'll let you know when we decide it. So can you please stop talking about it now?" she grumbled, pouting.

Amanda looked like a doll as she looked up at her father.

Charlie laughed out once again, and Rufus found no opening. He didn't know what to say now.

His eyes darkened. Amanda's embarrassed demeanor pulled at his nerves. The sight of her, playing the shy, innocent girl in front of Charlie made him sick to his stomach.

There was no way that Charlie's appearance had been a mere coincidence, and there was only one person who could have planned everything.

'How ironic!' Rufus chuckled darkly to himself. 'With such an innocent face, she managed to get her hands on that drug.' Amanda continued the act perfectly, her expressions not missing a beat. Rufus wanted to scoff out loud. 'She's an excellent actress, I'll give her that, ' he thought sarcastically.

Rufus was pulled away from his thoughts at Charlie's next words. "Amanda, can I have a word with Rufus? There's something I want to discuss with him alone," he said.

Amanda stood up obediently and smiled to her father as she left the two men in the room.

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