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   Chapter 274 Getting Drugged (Part Three)

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Of course she knew Rufus would still have a bit of self control. However he was already halfway induced.

This drug was particularly strong. It could make people dizzy and hallucinate. Rufus wouldn't be able to resist it much longer. Rufus's vision was slowly blurring. He was growing dizzier and dizzier, as he tried to snap out his thoughts.

Why was he suddenly so dizzy? Was it because of the heat? No. It must have been something he drank.

He stilled his thoughts until he finally came to the conclusion that there must've been something in his wine.

"Amanda! Y-You drugged me!" Rufus groaned, mind refusing to cooperate. He couldn't believe that sweet Amanda would ever do such a thing.

Amanda laughed darkly, her lips shining against the dim light as she leaned in to unbotton his shirt.

"Rufus, I've only had eyes for you. But you never, ever reciprocate my love. But with the marvellous drug you just ingested, I can now have you all to myself. You won't even complain!"

Amanda said, voice growing darker as she let her hunger and desire take over her.

"I love you, Rufus. I love you so much,"

Rufus could hear her words, but all he could think of now was Cassandra.

In spite of his body going numb, his thoughts started to clear as he focused more on Cassandra.

Amanda kept saying how much she loved him, but all he could hear was Cassandra's voice playing in his head—she had once said that she loved him.

Whenever Cassandra said those words, it was always so careful and gentle.

He could feel his wholeheartedly surrender to her whenever he would hear her say those words to him.

Groaning, Rufus fought back and pushed Amanda harshly until she fell onto the ground. She immediately sat back up and looked at him, bewildered.

"G-Get out. Get out of here!"

Rufus screamed, face tightene

e let sleep take over her.

As morning arrived, the sun shined on Rufus's face. He blinked the intense brightness away until his eyes flickered open.

The first thing that greeted him was Amanda's face. She was looking right at him with a gentle smile, and her eyes seemingly overwhelmed with love.

It took only a few seconds for Rufus's mind to register and he shot straight up. He was now completely awake.

"What are you doing here?"

Rufus asked, frowning upon the sight of her. He was well aware that she had left. He knew, because he knew what he had done. Why didn't he notice her coming back?

"Rufus, last night... have you forgotten?"

Amanda smiled kindly. It was so different from the smile that she had last night.

Rufus's heart sank when he realized that he was set up.

That drug wasn't just an aphrodisiac. He truly didn't expect Amanda to be so sneaky!

"Rufus!" a booming yell called from behind the door. "You didn't tell me you were coming to Paris! Didn't you know I was visiting the branch office?"

The voice said as it got louder and louder, until the door was suddenly pushed open and Charlie rushed in. He stopped by the door as he suddenly realized what he just walked into.

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