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   Chapter 273 Getting Drugged (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-06-11 21:18

Amanda snickered, her bright white teeth peering behind her lips. Rufus looked straight into Amanda's glossy eyes, which memorized every curve and line of his face.

He wasn't the young, dashing man that he was so many years ago, Amanda noted. The Rufus of today was now so much more handsome. Well-built, well-established, and mature. Age was kind to Rufus, a trait that only few were ever lucky to have.

Amanda had merely used the opportunity to help introduce TY Securities to some major clients. When she invited him over to Paris, expecting to feel like the time back to when they were together all those years ago. Only now, the

It's getting a little hot in here, isn't it?"

Amanda said with a hoarse voice.

Rufus turned away from her gaze, feeling incredibly embarrassed over nothing. It was as if his mind was moving on its own.

"I could see your forehead sweating," Amanda said, turning from the bed to grab the tissue on the end table.

She proceeded to wipe him dry, but he only seemed to be sweating more profusely. Rufus was still trying to struggle with his tie, until Amanda held his hands still over his chest.

"Oh, Rufus. Let me do that for you. Let's take off your clothes so you could cool down. You're starting to sweat through them,"

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