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   Chapter 272 Getting Drugged (Part One)

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"What? From you?"

Cassandra was stunned, in disbelief. Lionel was thrilled at the sight of her face.

He was so proud of finally being able to surprise her.

"Of course they're from me! What, you think Rufus would ever give you something like that?"

Lionel smiled widely at her, knowing what she was thinking. He just wanted to tease her.

Cassandra couldn't hide her disappointment. Her eyebrows were scrunched together.

She had always thought that these flowers would only ever come from Rufus.

Even if she tried to refuse them, they would still be sent in anyway. He was incredibly persistent that he wouldn't even let her leave.

"Of course they're from me, Cassandra. I know Rufus has been busy recently because he was helping Miss Ke with her concert abroad. But you shouldn't trust him so easily, Cassandra. They could be enjoying a romantic time in Paris for all you know."

Lionel laughed to himself, deliberately trying to provoke Cassandra. He really wanted to see her devastated.

However Cassandra cleared her throat and held her chin up, refusing to give him what he wanted. She suppressed her devastation, trying to not look intimidated.

"We've already broken up, Lionel. There's no need for you to use him against me."

Cassandra kept her tone as calmly as she could, her face devoid of any emotion.

"You know what? Your break up is a good thing. It means you and I could get back together. Ivy means nothing to me; it's easy for me to break up with her. I think you'll like that. I'm nothing like Rufus. I wouldn't cheat on you with Amanda."

Lionel leaned closer to pluck a rose, caressing the delicate petals between his fingers.

He peered at the stem of the rose. It had been stripped clean of its thorns; the entire stem seemed to have shed a new layer, courtesy perhaps, by the meticulous florist at the flower shop.

"Don't you think you're being unfair to Ivy?"

Cassandra never expected that Lionel would say such a thing. Did he ever love Ivy?

"Cassandra. I've a

ects with her as their designer, she could earn enough to support the company's day-to-day expenses. However, the divorce settlement between her and Lionel made it clear to her that she couldn't do the design work.

Cassandra suddenly fell silent. She was upset. What the hell was she going to do with this mess?

"Rufus, what's on your mind?"

Amanda asked, standing behind Rufus with a glass of wine on her hand.

Rufus had been standing on the room's terrace, which overlooked the beautiful Paris skyline.

The skyline was bright with the twinkling stars above, as well as the city lights below. It gave off such a surreal ambience that one would only normally see in movies.

"Just business,"

Rufus replied, turning to look at the beautiful woman behind him. He took the wine glass from her and swished the liquid in his glass.

Amanda glanced anxiously at his wine. She tried to suppress her nervousness, clear her mind, and smile at him. She raised her glass to say cheers.

"Business, huh? Are you thinking about how you're going to thank me for what I did for you today?"

Amanda grinned, tilting her head slightly to tease him.

"Do you have anything in mind?"

Rufus asked, smirking at her. He did have a lot to thank Amanda for today. The customers simply adored Amanda, and the talk went very well because of it.

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