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   Chapter 271 Traces Of Woman (Part Three)

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She knew she had to move out. She couldn't live in this apartment any longer. Rufus acted as if it was his apartment and she was something that belonged to him. Now Cassandra realized she must have been nothing but a well-thought-out plan for him.

But she didn't want her heart to sink deeper.

A few days passed in a blur. When Rufus came to her apartment again, he opened the door to nothingness. The apartment was empty.

There was no trace of Cassandra, not the tea cups, not the potted plants, not the chinaware in the kitchen...Everything was gone. Well, everything but one thing.

Rufus saw it, passing by the bedroom and suddenly came to a halt. He walked back a few steps and then into the bedroom. A unicorn lay on the night stand.

He looked at it with pursed lips for a while, then picked it up gently. Its happy smile suddenly seemed sad. The glow in its eyes seemed like brimming tears.

He remembered Cassandra telling him how she would always hold the unicorn doll in her arms when she was a young girl, how she used to pour her heart out to it. The only reason she treasured it so much was that it was the first ever gift Rufus had ever given her.

And now, she was gone, taking everything with her but the unicorn. Rufus knew it wasn't carelessness. He knew it was deliberate.

She must have known that Rufus would come by again and hence decided to leave it here, as a token of an end, a goodbye. They were done. She didn't have anything to do with the unicorn, or with him.

Rufus seized the doll. Inside, he felt cold and hollow, almost as if wind could pass right through him.

'Cassandra, you can't wait to get rid of me, right?' he said to himself.

But the trouble wasn't over, like Cassandra would have thought. From the very next day, she began to receive roses in her office. There was no name tag on them. They were fresh and beautiful; their bright colors cought her eyes throughout the day. She tried to reject them every time, but they kept coming.

Soon, the employees of the Qin Group started to gossip about it. It wasn't so much a controversy, rather a sense of envy they felt at her receiving those beautiful roses every

le looking at his very face. She immediately straightened herself and got alert.

It gave Lionel immense joy when he heard about the employees quitting at Qin Group, about the company going bankrupt, about Cassandra's terrible condition. He drove all the way here with a lot of excitement and joy.

"Sweetie...Everyone has difficulties. Hang in there, I'm sure everything will be okay," Lionel said, sneering.

Cassandra was on her guard. Since she knew how Lionel felt for her, she definitely couldn't give him any wrong clues.

She tightened her chin like a proud rooster. She didn't want to show any signs of weakness.

Lionel's smile widened. He could see how alert she was, but he knew her weakness.

"But you know what, I don't think Qin Group can wait any longer. As far as I know, you've borrowed some money from the bank and according to my calculation, the repayment date is due soon."

Lionel looked at Cassandra, waiting for her to break down.

But he was wrong. She remained still and firm. There was no chance of her giving in to Lionel.

"Mr. Tang, I thank you for your concern. But I will find a way to repay the loan. It's none of your business!"

Cassandra alienated herself from Lionel intentionally, speaking with a sense of finality.

Lionel stopped beating around the bush and finally got to the point.

"Aren't those roses beautiful, Cassandra? Guess what, they were chosen by me. Do you feel satisfied?"

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