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   Chapter 268 A Cruel Woman (Part Three)

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Disappointment surged through his heart. It seemed like life had been tough for Cassandra. 'Perhaps Rufus didn't take good care of her, ' he thought.

Cassandra, on the other hand, was still startled. She took a glance at Lionel and cast off his offer. She brought her attention back to the road and picked up her pace.

Lionel wasn't infuriated by this. Instead, he slowly drove his car and followed Cassandra.

While this scene was going on, a car discreetly monitored them. Neither Cassandra nor Lionel noticed this intruder.

It was Ivy. She sat on the passenger seat and kept a close eye on Cassandra. Jealousy had comsumed her completely.

And next to her, Amanda was cautiously driving the car. A vicious smile played on her lip as she watched Ivy's fury. She feigned worry and asked, "Why is Mr. Tang going after her?"

Amanda obviously, knew the answer to this question. But she pretended to look innocent and puzzled.

Earlier this morning, Amanda's subordinate had reported to her that Lionel's car was seen near the detention center.

When she heard about it, Amanda drafted a shrewd plan. She went to Ivy's office and announced, "Ivy, I have to meet someone. Would you mind accompanying me?"

As soon as she got Ivy's approval, they went and sat inside the car.

Ivy didn't sense anything fishy. She sincerely thought Ammanda was looking for a friend. Excitedly, Amanda drove to a place near the detention center. Once she reached there, Amanda parked her car near Lionel's car. Then she turned to Ivy and apologetically said she needed to get out of the car in order to make a phone call. Ivy agreed to wait for her in the car.

Bored inside the car, Ivy casually scrolled through her mobile phone. Ten minutes had passed, but there was no sign of Amanda. Getting a little impatient, she lifted her head to see whether Amanda was coming. While she did this, her eyes accidentally found a car parked near them. It seemed very familiar. Suddenly, it dawned on her that it was Lionel's car.

Ivy couldn't believe her eyes. A million questions started to form in her head. 'It is his office hour. Why is he here? Is he here to meet a client?' she tried to reason.

Once she further examined, she spotted Lionel inside. He was neither making a call nor looking at a file. It seemed like he was eagerly waiting for someone.

While she was distracted, Amanda returned to the car. This time she had a newspaper on her hand. Ivy

ey are not in good terms either."

There was a little excitement in her words. But she still couldn't rejoice it. 'No, I cannot be completely satisfied until Rufus falls for me, ' she thought with determination.

"That's your perfect chance, Amanda! Why don't you do something in order to win Rufus's heart? I hate Cassandra. I would love to see her learn a lesson!"

Ivy added, encouraging Ammanda to take an action.

"I don't think that is going to be easy. Rufus told me that he knew Cassandra at a young age. He even mentioned a story where he got her a unicorn from clip doll machine. Even now Cassandra has that doll. It seems she can't go anywhere without it. Their attachment is very deep."

This story had made her deeply envious. Earlier, she had solaced herself assuming Cassandra and Rufus met each other in the Tang family. But it turned out that they knew each other since they were little.

Finally, Amanda thought about the time she had gifted Rufus a unicorn as his birthday present. This seemed like the biggest irony.

"Well…that might mean they have been together for a long time."

All of a sudden, Ivy grasped everything. Her mind went back to the evidence she had collected earlier.

She thought everything would be over after she kicked Cassandra out of the Tang family house. However, little did she know that Lionel had given his heart and soul to Cassandra. There wasn't much she could do to transform her life. This realization struck her hard and she became glum.

"Ivy, can you do me a favor now?" Amanda pleaded, wretchedly.

Ivy turned to her and perceived the sincerity in her eyes.

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