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   Chapter 267 A Cruel Woman (Part Two)

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'Cassandra, please change your mind. She is not your family! If she considered you her family, she wouldn't have taken such extreme measures to spoil your life.

Cloris is like Horace. They're selfish and mean. They will do whatever it takes to get what they want. Family doesn't matter to them. They truly don't deserve your love!' Rufus thought.

But Cassandra was stubborn.

"I believe Cloris has her own reasons for what she did. Anyway, at the end of the day we are still a family. Nothing she does can change the fact she is my sister,"

Cassandra replied cooly, with her determination still intact.

In her mind, she decided she would talk to Cloris later and try to solve the issue. But right now she had to keep her words. She had promised Vernon hence she couldn't watch Cloris get into trouble.

Cassandra vividly remembered how she had spent that night sitting on the rooftop. Life had been so difficult that the thought of killing herself popped into her mind. That was when she looked back and thought of her mother and her sister. She remembered the smell of the dishes her mom cooked in the past. All this filled her heart with warmth.

She agreed they had clashes and disagreements, but that was very common among families. In spite of all this, they were the most important people in her life.

Watching Cassandra's expression soften, Rufus realized she wouldn't give up on her pursuit to protect her sister. The hope that was ignited in his eyes faded.

'Cassandra, you only have affection for your family, but what about me? My aunt is fighting for her life in the hospital. Yet I came here to help you. All I asked for you is to change your mind. Do you even know the turmoil I am in right now?

Of course not, you have given all your attention to your family. I am probably the last person on your mind. Otherwise, you wouldn't be standing here and defending your sister who doesn't even deserve it. Now I have come to see the importance of our relationship in your life, ' Rufus thought to himself, despondently.

"So I guess that's it. Now do you want to give up on our relationship?"

Rufus squinted. He gazed into her eyes, wishing to see through her heart.

Cassandra once again stiffened. She didn't expect Rufus would read her mind so easily.

When Cassandra had made up her mind to protect her sister, she knew her

ent. Now people knew she had nothing to do with the accident. 'Now I can continue to live my life, ' Cassandra thought with a sigh.

'But wait...what should I do now? I thought I wouldn't be set free, ' she thought. While she had been confined, Cloris had gone back to school abroad.

But now standing on the streets, Cassandra was wracking her mind for a shelter.

Finally, it dawned to her that she could go back to her apartment. Consumed in fatigue, all she wanted right now was a good sleep.

While she was making her way, a car stopped next to her. On a closer inspection, she recognized the man sitting in the car. It was her ex-husband, Lionel.

"Cassandra, where are you going? I can give you a lift," he offered.

From his friendly tone, Cassandra guessed he was in a good mood. In fact, Lionel had signed a few construction projects recently. His business was doing well.

Lionel knew that Cassandra was detained in the detention center. Jill had a tendency of talking about Cassandra behind her back. Sometimes, she would cross her limits. There were times when he would sprint out of the room because he couldn't take it anymore.

When he learned that Cassandra was detained, Lionel was deeply concerned. He didn't feel relieved until he saw the news today. Without wasting any time, he drove to the detention center and waited for Cassandra's arrival. His heart wouldn't let him relax until he saw she was safe.

He analyzed her from up to down and realized how haggard she looked. She didn't look like the Cassandra he was previously married to.

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