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   Chapter 266 A Cruel Woman (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-06-10 00:05

Ever since Rufus heard about Michelle's accident, he had been sure it had nothing to do with Cassandra. Yet he decided it was the best to confront her. He longed to hear it from her. He presumed she would put his mind to a rest.

But unfortunately, Cassandra's response disappointed him.

'What could be the reason? A row between the two women? I can't believe Cassandra would push Michelle over a small brawl. From what I know, she isn't the aggressive type, ' Rufus's mind tried to reason. No, Rufus shook his head vehemently in denial. He couldn't believe Cassandra would do such a thing.

"Rufus, please don't look at me like that," Cassandra pleaded. She detected an aloofness in his face.

She was already exhausted from the questioning. Right now, she was bereft of any strength. She couldn't watch Rufus's cold face. A sinking feeling took over her. It seemed like her throat and nose were brimming with water.

"Then how do you expect me to look at you? Do you want me to look at you with gentle and loving eyes? No Cassandra, I can't do it anymore. You're a darn good actress. You deceived me so easily!"

Anger made Rufus lose his ability to think calmly. He glared at Cassandra furiously. Cassandra could see the fire ignited in him.

At this moment, he felt completely lost. 'Cassandra, how I wish would tell me that she has nothing to do with this accident. How I wish she would confess that it was Cloris who caused all the trouble. Why can't she come clean and tell me she was just a helpless bystander!'

Rufus was outraged with Cassandra's behavior. He loathed it when she put others over herself. He simply couldn't fathom why she offered to take responsibility for someone else's mistake.

Before coming here, Rufus had checked the surveillance video. But the camera was placed far away from the scene, hence he couldn't make out what was really happening. It only gave him a vague idea.

From what he saw, he deduced that Cloris had a physical fight with Michelle. Their distance was widened after a while and they stood apart from each other. But Cloris wasn't done, she continued to yell at Michelle. While this happened, Michelle was still standing next to the handrail. Then all of a sudden, the atmosphere changed.

Cassandra began to sprint towards Michelle, and then she fell over the third floor railing leaving Cassandra agap

t want to miss her facial expression.

He eagerly waited to see the fierce anger on her face. He was hoping to see wrath in her eyes for Cloris. 'I pray she finally understands what a wicked human-being Cloris is! At least this might stop her from defending her!' Rufus thought.

He sincerely hoped Cassandra would stand up for herself. And he wanted this so badly because he couldn't imagine the obstacles their relationship would have to face next.

If Cassandra was found guilty, her life would be hell. It was beyond him how he could manage to live without her lively presence.

'Cassandra, please. You need to stop defending your sister. She isn't worthy of your devotion. Please don't put your life at stake for her.' Rufus wanted to scream this out. But he suppressed his emotions.

Cassandra's heartbeat quickened. She felt like darkness was closing in all around her. She thought in a matter of seconds, it would swallow her up.

'Cloris is blaming me for hurting her whereas Rufus believes Cloris wants to ruin my reputation. How do I make sense of these things? How do I understand who is speaking the truth?' Cassandra thought with frustration.

In all her life, she had never intended to harm Cloris. Even now, she couldn't bring herself to hate her.

Rufus began to feel frustrated "Cassandra, why are you silent? Speak up! Tell me, do you still want to defend Cloris? After everything she has done to you!" Rufus spluttered impatiently.

Seeing Cassandra's muddled face, he still wasn't satsified. He couldn't see the hatred he was expecting to see.

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