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   Chapter 265 Living Together After Breaking Up (Part Three)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 6949

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They were going dangerously closer and closer to the railing on the third floor as they grappled.

Cassandra hurriedly put down the bags in her hands and rushed to stop them. Cloris kept pulling on Michelle's clothes as Michelle grabbed her hand. Neither of them was willing to yield.

In one strong motion, Cloris pulled hard and pushed Michelle away. The woman staggered on her high heels as her back hit the railing.

After pushing the older woman away, Cloris smoothed her rumpled clothes and ran a hand through her hair before looking down at Michelle with mocking eyes.

"You should know better than fighting with younger people, you old hag," she sneered.

Cassandra's eyes fell on Michelle as well, and at once she noticed that something was wrong. Michelle did not move and there was a pained look in her face. She could not even stand up straight as her ankle burned.

Cassandra's first instinct was to move forward and help Michelle, but Michelle shook her arms off, refusing her help.

However, she shoved too hard. All of a sudden, she lost her balance and fell off the railing backwards, her scream echoing across the mall.

Cassandra extended her hand and tried to catch Michelle, but her fingers found themselves clutching only the silk scarf that Michelle wore around her neck. There was a heavy thud as Michelle's body fell on the ground.

The people on the first floor rushed to where she fell. A dreadful atmosphere was rising as Michelle's body stayed unmoving.

It was only a matter of moments before the security guards pushed through the crowd, and then looked up. Their eyes met Cassandra's in shock.

She stood by the railing, a scarf hanging in her outstretched hand.

Blood drained from her face as she looked down at Michelle's body.

Her mind blanked out. Things happened too quickly for her to be able to comprehend what had just happened.

She straightened up and turned to look back at Cloris. Cloris's face mirrored her own, her eyes blown wide in fear and disbelief.

Soon the police and the ambulance came. The police

at the thought that none of this would have happened if not for her relationship with Rufus.

If they weren't together, Michelle wouldn't have confronted her or infuriated Cloris, and the tragedy would not have happened.

She was the cause of all of this.

As Cassandra was kept in detention, someone came to see her the very next day.

It was Rufus.

She could make out Rufus's stormy expression as he made his way to her. He came near the cell and threw a sharp glance at the others who were there. Everyone left, leaving him alone with Cassandra.

"I want you to tell me exactly what happened," he said in a low voice.

At this moment, Rufus wanted nothing more than for Cassandra to tell him that it had nothing to do with her, that it had all been a mistake, and that she didn't put his aunt in danger.

Cassandra took a deep breath before she answered, "Rufus, Michelle and I had a dispute. We were very angry and…"

Cassandra's voice trailed off. She could not find any strength to continue speaking. The fury in Rufus's eyes tore her heart into pieces.

She wanted desperately to tell Rufus that Michelle lost her balance and fell down herself. She wanted to tell him that she didn't do anything, but she knew he wouldn't believe her.

Lines of disappointment marred Rufus's features in her silence.

"Cassandra, perhaps I have misjudged you…" he said.

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