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   Chapter 264 Living Together After Breaking Up (Part Two)

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Cassandra and Cloris shared the same blood as sisters, but the way they were raised could not be more different.

In their parents' eyes, Cloris had always been a delicate little princess. She demanded attention, and had it. Cassandra, on the other hand, was silent and kept to herself. It was as if she had disappeared into the background as their parents poured their time and attention to the younger sibling.

"Mom, Courtney is suffering from illness now. We should understand how her mother feels. If Cloris's apology can help Courtney recover even a little, I don't see any reason why she should not do it. Auntie Whitney is not an unreasonable person. She has never said that Cloris carried all the blame for this…" she reasoned.

Cassandra wanted to try to convince Edith and get her to listen, but Edith interrupted her impatiently, "Cassandra, you are my daughter, and you are Cloris's sister. Why are you speaking for other people? Courtney's illness has nothing to do with us. Whatever they say, we won't apologize!"

Edith raised her voice. Her eyes burned with the offense she took at Cassandra's words.

"But Mother, if Auntie had not transferred her shares to us, our group would have been acquired by the Tang family. She helped us out, and we owe her at least this much. Don't you think?"

Cassandra reasoned. She was starting to feel distressed at her mother's refusal to listen.

"She transferred her shares to you, not me. If you want to apologize, then do it yourself!"

Cloris challenged, seeing that she had won Edith's support. She knew that she would not have to worry if their mother was on her side.

She was her mother's precious daughter. The incident was a thing of the past. Why should she apologize to someone who wasn't even right in the head?

Cassandra looked at her mother and sister in disappointment. She knew it would be difficult, but she didn't expect that they would refuse to even consider. 'All Auntie Whitney has asked for was a long due apology. Was that such a difficult thing to do?

Were they really so proud even in matters of life and death? An apology could mean Courtney's life. Why did they refuse to budg

to whisper to Cloris and pull her hand. She didn't want to cause a scene here.

Cloris gave Michelle a sharp look as Cassandra pulled her away. When she passed over Michelle, she deliberately spat with fury, gave the woman a defiant look and smiled wickedly before turning away.

Michelle saw red. She had never been insulted like this. She went after the two and grabbed Cloris's arm to stop her.

"Apologize to me!" she demanded.

Michelle trembled all over with rage. She was an established name in the industry, and there was no way she would let a little girl trample all over her as she liked.

Being the younger one, Cloris ought to show some respect. She had offended the wrong person.

The word 'apologize' sent Cloris flying into a rage. She had had enough of that blasted word. First, it was Cassandra, asking her to apologize to Courtney; now there was this old woman, demanding another apology.

She clenched her teeth in rage as she shook free of Michelle's hand. The force of the impact sent the clothes and shopping bags in all directions.

Cassandra was dumbfounded at the scene she was witnessing. After Vernon was imprisoned, Cloris had been changing for the worse. It wasn't until now that Cassandra saw the seriousness of her state. The shock let her speechless and unable to process what was happening.

Cloris and Michelle were now clawing at each other, their hands grabbing and pulling anywhere they could.

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