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   Chapter 263 Living Together After Breaking Up (Part One)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 6890

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Cassandra took a few steps back, clutching the clothes on her chest.

The sudden memory sent a shiver down her spine. Everything made sense now. All the questions she had no answer to were finally clicking into place.

Now she knew why her father didn't like her from her childhood, and why he seemed so distant. He must have thought wrongly of her all along.

She had been sent to the small town because her family was afraid that she would hurt her sister again.

She had deliberately forgotten it, but today, there was no escape from the onslaught of memories that came back to her.

Cassandra stood shaking; next to her, her mother Edith was paled.

"Children can say whatever they like. Don't take their words seriously," Edith said, her voice cracking despite its low tone.

She still wanted to defend Cloris, but Cloris burst out, "I won't apologize. That accident happened years ago! It's not my fault that Courtney chose not to let it go. It has nothing to do with me!"

With those words, Cloris stormed out, bumping into Cassandra on the way. Cassandra lost her balance from the sudden impact and fell to the ground, her eyes absent.

Cloris pushed the door open and rushed out, leaving Cassandra and Edith behind.

"Cassandra, why didn't you stop Cloris?"

Edith stood up and anxiously ran after her younger daughter, while Cassandra lay on the floor unmoving, a bitter smile plastered across her face.

Whitney sighed at the scene that unfolded and walked up to Cassandra. She took her arm and helped her stand on her feet, leading her like a child to sit down on the sofa.

"Cassandra, what's the matter with you? Are you okay?"

Whitney looked at Cassandra in bafflement. She didn't know that Cassandra had lost recollection of that memory.

At her question, Cassandra snapped back to reality. "I'm all right, Auntie. I just need to rest for a minute. I'll go find Cloris and talk to her."

Her legs felt like lead and could not move; her entire body was cold and heavy with the things she had found out today. She had n

's illness, and I will never agree to that!"

Edith's refusal was firm as she held Cloris's hand tightly, as if afraid of losing her daughter.

Whatever happened before was nothing but a joke gone wrong among the children in Edith's eyes. However, it was a different matter altogether for Courtney and Cassandra. The experience left them scars to carry until the present.

It was almost as if Edith refused to see things in any other perspective.

She lashed out at Cassandra, and later on, the young girl was sent off by her parents to live in another town after the accident.

It took a lot of courage and humility for one to be able to admit past mistakes, but neither Edith nor Cloris had strong enough hearts to do that.

"Cloris, I will send you abroad in a few days. You will continue your studies there. Do not concern yourself over this senseless drama. I don't blame you for returning to G City. It must have been difficult, right?" Edith said, looking fondly at Cloris and patting her head.

"Study hard abroad. You will be back before you know it," she finished encouragingly.

They were the perfect picture of a mother and daughter. The scene would have touched anyone, but Cassandra felt nothing but coldness at such a warm display of affection. Her chest constricted with envy as she looked at her mother gently comforting her younger sister.

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