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   Chapter 262 The Forgotten Past

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 10107

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It was a warm spring day. The sunlight shone on two little girls playing on the vast green fields of the Qin Residence courtyard. The little ladies had a white rabbit with red eyes frolicking about. They were absolutely thrilled at the furry creature.

"Look at her, Cassandra! My dad gave her to me. She's so cute! She even understands what I say!"

Little Courtney proudly boasted to her friend while stroking the rabbit's soft fur.

Little Cassandra also reached out to feel the creature's soft fur. It was so smooth and warm. It hopped around them playfully.

"What are you doing? Why didn't any of you tell me you were playing here?"

Another girl's voice sounded from a distance. The two girls raised their heads and saw that it was Little Cloris.

She was wearing a white lace dress, with a cute pink hairpin on her hair, making her look like a little princess.

Courtney immediately became nervous upon laying eyes on Cloris. She had a lot of food and toys that Cloris often took away from her. This rabbit was a present from her father, and she didn't want Cloris to take it away.

Courtney bent over and covered the rabbit with her arms protectively, while defiantly staring at Cloris.

As Cloris approached, her eyes darted to the rabbit in Courtney's arms. Her eyes lit up as she went closer.

"Oh my God! A bunny! It's so cute! Can I join you?"

After she spoke, her hand shot out to scoop the rabbit from Courtney without waiting for her permission. Courtney swiftly ducked to avoid her.

"My dad gave it to me. Don't take it!"

Courtney emphasized that her father gave her the rabbit over and over again. She was so worried that Cloris would take the rabbit away like she did with her other toys.

"I just want to hold it in my arms! I want to play with it!"

Cloris didn't give up so easily. Instead, she walked forward closer and closer, fully intending to rob Courtney of the fluffy creature.

Courtney turned around and ran to the nearby corner, looking back at Cloris every once in a while warily.

She would never give the rabbit to Cloris! If she did, Cloris would consider it her own. She would lose her rabbit then!

The rabbit was a present from her father. No one could ever take it away!

Seeing Courtney run away, Cloris vented her anger on the nearby Cassandra.

"Take the bunny for me! I want to play with it!"

Cloris pointed at the distant Courtney and ordered Cassandra angrily.

"It's hers. We can't just take it without her permission."

Cassandra frowned at Cloris's demand and firmly refused. She was upset when Cloris tried to order her around. As the younger sister, Cloris wasn't supposed to throw out commands like that.

As a matter of fact, Cassandra was only a year older than Cloris, but she was the more sensible one. However, Cloris had a way with words. She never misbehaved in front of their parents. That was why Vernon and Edith preferred their younger daughter. Despite being popular with her parents, she never got along well with

for fear that Edith might look at her like she did a while ago—like she was some kind of monster.

Cassandra carried the corpse of the rabbit to the nearby tree. She dug a hole and buried it.

She then sat beside the little makeshift tomb for a long time. Finally, unable to ward off the drowsiness, she lay down and fell asleep.

She had a nightmare that night. Edith was looking at her with the expression she had when they found the girls.

"Stay there! Don't come any closer!"

A tear trickled down her smooth cheek.


the girl in the dream whispered, a disappointed and sorrowful look on her face.

After Edith and Cloris went into the house, Edith took care of Cloris. She bathed her in warm water and even changed her clothes. Later, they had dinner and then Edith tucked her into bed. After Edith had finished everything, she finally realized that Cassandra was still at the courtyard.

So she went outside immediately in search of Cassandra. When she did find her, the little girl was asleep under the tree with a burning fever. She was muttering something as she dreamt.

Edith got scared. She took Cassandra to the hospital. On the other hand, when Vernon got home, the first thing he saw was Cloris's bloody white dress. He was scared out of his mind.

His fear turned into rage when he learned what had happened. The maid told him everything.

"Cassandra is such a weird child! I can't guarantee that everything will be fine with Cloris if she continues to stay with Cassandra! I've made my decision. I'm sending her away. I don't ever want to see her anymore!"

Cassandra's fever lasted for three days. After she left the hospital, she was immediately exiled to a small town by her parents. She watched her parents abandon her, with the granny standing right beside her.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. When she opened her eyes again, she had calmed down as if nothing had happened.

Since then, the terrible memory was locked away deep in her mind.

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