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   Chapter 261 Past Memories (Part Two)

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Whitney's words came as a tight slap to Edith who sat still for a few moments. She was suddenly at a loss for words. Quickly, she glanced at Cassandra. She secretly hoped that Cassandra hadn't paid attention to Whitney's words.

"I did what I thought was the best for them. I figured it would be good for them to be apart from each other for a while,"

Edith answered in a nonchalant tone. She prayed no further questions would be asked. Even though she tried to sound confident, there was a guilty expression on her face. Mentioning their past had indeed made her feel apprehensive.

"Edith, I need you to come in terms with the truth. You need to know you've made a mistake. And yes, I was wrong too. Years ago, we made a big mistake. Courtney and Cassandra have suffered because of our mistake. See, I don't want to bring the past back. All I need is an apology. This one apology may make Courtney feel better. That's all. Please stop acting like this is too much to ask."

By now, Whitney was sobbing miserably. She stared at Edith with her melancholic eyes. With the tip of her finger, she tried to stop the flow of her tears. Clearly, her daughter's illness was driving her insane.

"Mistake? What mistake are you talking about?"

Obviously, Edith didn't see this coming. Her mouth was agape in surprise as she eagerly waited for the response.

Whitney grabbed the diary that was lying on the desk. She keenly scanned through it and came to a halt when reached a certain page. She passed the diary to Edith, gesturing for her to read it herself.

"Just read it. It will give you an idea about what I am talking about. You will find out the mistake that was made years ago!"

As she spoke, there was a pained look on Whitney's face. Stifled cries were being let out by her. After handing over the diary to Edith, she promptly turned her face to a different direction. She avoided looking at that diary. Just the thought of her daughter's suffering made her whimper.

Edith suspiciously eyed the diary. After a while, she finally took it and began to read. Cassandra, who was sitting beside her, leaned forward and commenced reading with her mother.

"Today, mom beat me up pretty badly. She told me I was a bad kid. But

't dispel it. All of a sudden, she felt dizzy and thought the ground beneath her was shaking.

Cassandra's heart ached from the new information she had digested. Her instinct told her something big was about to happen. Her lost memories were yelling and calling out for her.

Her thoughts were perturbed by a sudden screech. "Shut up! All of you need to stop this right now! It was just a bunny for God's sake. Don't make a mountain out of a molehill. I killed the bunny, so what? I don't see what is the big deal about it. If anyone should be blamed then it would be Courtney. She is too petty to be holding a grudge for something that happened a lifetime ago. I didn't like the bunny so I killed it...It is as simple as that!" Cloris retorted back in her high-pitched voice.

Her voice was venomous and the look on her face was equally frightening. The conversation that was happening outraged her. In fact, she couldn't fathom why anyone would make it an issue. She believed Courtney was just too fragile. Otherwise nobody would have taken this petty issue to their heart.

Hearing her sister's words, Cassandra suddenly felt something break loose in her head. Some hidden memories of their childhood came gushing back. Feeling overwhelmed, she didn't know what to do. When it finally registered, she prayed it was her imagination. 'Oh no! This can't be true. My mind is playing tricks on me, ' she told herself, trying to redeem herself. But deep down she knew that wasn't the case.

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