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   Chapter 260 Past Memories (Part One)

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"Courtney? What's wrong with Courtney?"

Clearly, Edith had no knowledge about Courtney's illness. Hence her reaction portrayed utter shock.

Comprehending this, Cassandra went forward and stroked her mother's arms. She wanted her mother to calm down. Eventually, she turned and brought her focus back to Whitney. In a low-pitched voice, she asked, "Auntie Whitney, I believe Cloris isn't aware of Courtney's illness, am I right?"

As she asked this, Cassandra broke into a cold-sweat. She was very intuitive and something told her a bad news was on its way. She sat looking at Whitney expectantly. In spite of her worry, she tried to look unruffled. She didn't want to heighten her mother's anxiety.

"Well, I believe that's a question Cloris should be answering,"

Whitney said in a detached voice. She turned to stare at Cloris who hadn't uttered a single word yet. In fact, ever since she came here, Cloris had been sitting still. For an outsider, she would have come across as mute.

"Cloris, what is going on? Would you just speak up for God's sake? I want you to tell me everything that you know!"

Edith demanded gruffly. Everyone present here was acting vague. She couldn't take it anymore and wanted an explanation.

But Cloris was unperturbed by her mother's screech. She didn't even bother to look up. Instead, she gritted her teeth and turned her head to avoid meeting her mother's gaze.

"Auntie Whitney, is it possible that there is some kind of misunderstanding? We have looked into Courtney's condition before. I am certain it has nothing to do with my sister!" Cassandra asserted.

Like Edith, Cassandra was beginning to lose her composure. When she saw her own sister's attitude, her fear intensified. She was afraid that Whitney might know something that they didn't know. 'Besides, why is Cloris hesitating to speak? From what I know, she is not the kind of person who wouldn't speak up for herself. Since she has taken the decision to keep her mouth shut, there must be something wrong. Does it mean that Auntie Whitney is right?' Cassandra's mind tried to reason.

But no matter what, Cassandra made up her mind to support her family. Cloris was her sister hence she would be on her side through thick and thin.

"Cassandra, I didn't come here to accuse anyone. After all, it's been

r intention and lines of anger appeared on her face. She had come here in pursuit of a small favor but her pleas had fallen on deaf ears. Unable to take it anymore, she blurted out, "Edith, for your information, this issue is not just related to Cloris and Courtney. It has affected Cassandra's life too!"

Her tone was firm this time. With her unflinching eyes, she glared at Edith. A feeling of displease was etched on her face. It seemed like she couldn't believe how Edith could behave so crudely.

"Edith, I do realize Cloris is your beloved daughter. Time and again, you keep favoring her. But you have to think about Cassandra too. She is also your daughter. If it wasn't for Cloris's wrongdoing, Cassandra wouldn't have been left in a small town by you and Vernon for so many years!"

Her words suggested she knew the Qin family quite well. Not a lot of people knew that Cassandra was sent to a small town at a young age.

Hearing this, Cassandra was startled. 'What is Auntie Whitney trying to imply? Is she speaking the truth? Was I sent to the small town due to something that happened between Cloris and Courtney? What exactly had happened?' Cassandra wondered.

Now she was wracking her mind for answers. This was a riddle for which Cassandra couldn't find a solution. The more she thought, the more muddled she looked. A feeling of unease occupied her. She felt betrayed by the people she was surrounded with. 'These people are hiding something from me. But what are they concealing? And why are they keeping me in darkness?'

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