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   Chapter 259 A Dreadful Memory (Part Two)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 5702

Updated: 2019-06-08 22:05

"How's Mrs. Zheng and Courtney? Where are they?"

Cassandra asked after coming to herself. She remembered everything—Courtney's condition, Cloris's strange reaction, the bunny and the argument about who killed it. It all came flooding in as she sat up.

"They're both alright. Don't worry, they have left already, and your sister's okay, too. Worry about yourself first,"

he comforted. It was a great relief to see her think and talk normally. His heart almost skipped a beat when his men informed him that Cassandra had passed out.

He asked them to keep an eye on her after knowing that she would meet her sister. Though he never expected this to happen. What on earth happened? It was all so strange.

Cloris was horrified when she saw Rufus just now, avoiding any eye contact. Rufus knew that it was because she felt guilty whenever she saw him. After all, he had caught her red-handed in working against Cassandra. Rufus told her in a stern warning never to do that again, so she must be terrified that she would be held responsible for this too.

But the doctor told Rufus that Cassandra fainted possibly because she was overweary, which calmed his heart down.

Besides, the incident obviously disturbed Cloris as she looked pale and troubled. So Rufus didn't pry any further and let her go.

"Rufus," Cassandra began in a strained voice, "I have a feeling that there's something I can't remember. I felt this way before I passed out. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't remember what it was. I remember a feeling of extreme anxiety before everything went black..."

she murmured, lost in her thoughts trying to remember. She had such a giddy feeling about it.

It felt like ther

aced with rage, which made Cassandra feel helpless.

"I'll take you to her, mom. I know where she is, I've been there before,"

Cassandra conceded. It was no use explaining any further. She then led Edith to the place where Cloris currently resided in.

When Cloris opened the door and saw Edith, her face fell.

"Mom? What are you doing here? How did you know…"

She didn't expect Edith to turn up here of all places; disbelief and astonishment were clearly written all over her expression.

"I think you have a lot of explaining to do. You didn't even answer my calls. I had no choice but to ask your sister!"

Edith snapped, barging into the room. Cassandra followed and was surprised to see who was also in the living room.

"Whitney? Why are you here?"

Edith asked, her jaw dropping in surprise. For all she knew, Whitney had been living abroad for many years. Why was she here, in Cloris's apartment?

Whitney on the other hand, maintained her composure as she stood up to greet Edith.

"I just got here, Edith. Actually I wanted to ask Cloris about something. It's about my daughter's disease," she said.

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