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   Chapter 257 Screwing Around (Part Four)

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Lionel had already organized a plan about the distribution of persons in charge and asked Rufus to sort the concert sponsorship part out.

"The marketing department will be responsible for it. You are the person in charge of marketing,"

Rufus dejected in a serious tone. He didn't want to be involved in Amanda's affair. He had been staying with Cassandra. He had enough tension when Amanda would come into the picture. He felt rather happy without her in their lives.

"All right, no arguing, Lionel will take charge of the theatre project and Rufus will do the concert. You are brothers. Don't fight over such stupid things."

Horace gave an authoritative order. A secret smile appeared on Lionel's mouth. He had alternative motives and they were playing out well.

One of the main business in the Tang Group was engineering construction. Lionel taking charge of the theatre project would enrich his professional experience. As for Rufus... he would be going to take care of the less important business, such as concert sponsorship.

Rufus's eyes darkened. Multiple emotions hid in them. He blinked his eyes and didn't say anything further, knowing his father would make a scene today, as he was still so sensitive.

Cassandra knocked loudly on the door and saw Cloris's eyes widen in surprise as the door opened.

Seeing it was Cassandra, Cloris tried to push the door shut immediately without contemplating. But Cassandra pushed against the door assertively and wedged her foot to keep it open.

"Cloris, let me in. I'm here to speak to you, sincerely!"

Cassandra looked at Cloris firmly. She visited here today in order to find out the reasons behind her sister's acts.

"Okay, You come in, and I go out, I don't care."

Cloris raised her eyebrows and bent over to put on her shoes. She didn't want to talk to her. There wasn't anything else she wanted to say.

"Cloris, calm down, please! I just want to know the details and find out more information. Tell me everything, okay?"

Seeing Cloris unwilling to spare one second to speak with her upset Cassandra. She knew she had to get her to see reason.

"Can you stop pretending, Cassandra? There is nobody else here. Stop pretending that you know nothing. Did you enjoy patronising me?"

Cloris smiled coldly with a disdainful look.

"You've completely misjudged me, Cloris. Listen and understand me, I never did anything to hurt you. I swear to God, please just hear me out!"

Cassandra bit her lower lip in annoyance and swore firmly.

Cloris stared at her for a while and then raised her chin, feeling tired and defeated.


It was a small apartment with only one bedroom and one living room, simple but clean.

Whitney took Courtney to the bedroom immediately. She gave her some medication to make Courtney fall asleep.

The medication began to work as Courtney calmed down. She lay on the bed and stared at the ceiling.

Whitney tiptoed out carefully not to startle her as the girl was no longer a risk to herself.

"How's she doing now?"

Cassandra asked in a caring tone. She thought she would never have to see Courtney disturbed like that again.

"It's not as serious as it used to be. She's been doing well for the last few months this year. What made her petrified all of a sudden? I have no idea... It's strange that it happened with no warning at all." Whitney also had no clue.

Cassandra suddenly recalled that Courtney was staring at Cloris in fear earlier in the restaurant as if she wanted to escape from her. She wondered if Whitney had seen that as well.

"Someone has to take care of her. She can't stay alone. She might be in danger. It's so sad to see her suffer like this,"

Cassandra said in a concerned, gentle tone. Whitney, as a mother, was having a hard time taking care of her daughter.

"Oh, yes. I took care of her all the time. She was doing exceptionally well this year. I can't understand the set back. She behaved well and would like to socialize with others. She seemed to be completely better. But then she behaved like this today. I don't know what to do now."

Whitney was a well balanced, emotionally strong woman. But whenever it came to Courtney's situation, she would often have red eyes.

"We've solved her problems before. But what caused it again is what actually concerns me," Cassandra said worriedly.

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