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   Chapter 256 Screwing Around (Part Three)

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"Miss Ke, there is a large chance that she will be unable to get pregnant again. She must have gone through a lot. Her body has been damaged and she is too weak to have a baby now."

The doctor shook her head and felt sympathy towards Ivy.

"It doesn't matter. Let her use the medication to rectify the problems. Having a baby is not something we can force, there's always a bit of luck involved in. I'll talk to her in private later. We appreciate you a lot, thank you doctor,"

Amanda sighed and replied in a seemingly sad tone.

When Ivy had received her medication, they left the hospital together.

"Did the doctor say something else?" Ivy asked inquisitively.

She felt happy and relieved after she made the consultation with the doctor.

"She said that you would have a baby soon as long as you take the medicine on time!"

Amanda lied with a straight face while encouraging her.

"Really? Thank you so much, Amanda. I feel so relieved to hear that!"

She hadn't felt excitement for awhile lately. Now Amanda's words made her delighted. A radiance shone from her once dull eyes. Her emotions were written all over the face. "Thank God. I still have the chance to have a child!' Ivy said to herself, elated.

However, she missed the disdainful smile hiding around Amanda's mouth.

When Ivy arrived home, she was surprised to see that everyone had arrived for dinner. Usually, either Lionel or Rufus would be missing. Today, both of them were home.

Horace was delighted too. It was rare for him to have dinner with his sons at the same time. They hadn't enjoyed a meal together for a long time.

"Tell the chef to make more food and create extra courses, especially the ones Rufus likes!"

Horace said assertively, ordering the butler quickly.

Jill bit her lip in secret on his words, especially the words referring to Rufus. He had been staying with Cassandra all this time. Horace was still being good to him. Jill felt irritated and appalled by this brat. Heavily hearted, she battled to breathe deeply.

"Ivy, what would you like? I'll have the chef make something for you as well!" Jill said in a thoughtful manner. This was more as a tit for tat, in connection with her husband's comment. "Take good care of your body and give birth to a grandson for me soon!"

Jill dared not speak her mind. So she asked Ivy deliberately, in mentioning a baby she would remind Lionel indirectly. It would also be a jab at Rufus, to remind him that her son was the one who would have the first grandson of Tangs. Jill sat back, feeling satisfied.

"Well, I've been taking som

unreasonable behaviour. No one enjoyed the dinner tonight. The only sound was the clanking of utensils.

Lionel was unable to withstand the silence any longer. "Father, Miss Ke told me that she would help us to win a theatre project. In return, we will sponsor her in the next concert." Lionel said informatively.

Lionel finally succeeded in breaking the silence. He started the conversation smilingly in a casual tone, as though nothing had happened and this was all part of the cause.

"Okay, that's fine. You can discuss the business plan with Rufus."

Horace agreed on Lionel's proposal, as this would work into his plan. But Rufus frowned at it, not seeing much profit in it at all.

"I don't think we need her help. We can earn that project by ourselves. There is no reason to ask for her help. The Tang Group doesn't need this kind of deal."

Rufus was aware of Amanda's tricks by now. She used her motives wisely to manipulated and get what she wanted. She wanted to be closer to The Tang Group. He knew she wanted him.

She wanted to be closer to Rufus. Amanda wouldn't give up, always trying different strategies. He eventually saw through her plot, and could determine her next move.

"Rufus, having Miss Ke help us is not our only goal. Don't you know that Father likes her? I'm sure Father would like to sponsor her concert,"

Lionel replied in a rather school boy fashion, showing he was the pet and that Rufus didn't care much for Horace.

"Father talked about this a few days ago at dinner. Both of us think it's a good idea. You'll be responsible for the concert. The theatre project is mine. Rufus, you've been out of your mind, I think it is a wonderful idea," Lionel said arrogantly.


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