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   Chapter 255 Screwing Around (Part Two)

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She continued, "You weren't a honest wife, were you? I've been curious why Rufus wants you. You seduced Lionel's brother while you were his wife. How wrong and deceptive was that?"

She rolled her eyes at Cassandra and teased her.

Then Cloris went on, "I liked Rufus back at that time. You encouraged me and promised you would help me to win his heart for me! I trusted you, Cassandra. How stupid I was! You are a complete lair! You make me sick, Cassandra Qin!"

The more Cloris spoke, the angrier she grew. Her face became contorted with ugliness as she accused Cassandra.

"Listen to me, Cloris! You misunderstood me! I know it would be difficult for you to trust me. But at least, listen to my explanation, please! I didn't know that you hated me so much. We haven't communicated well for awhile now. It's my fault, as I'm the older sister. I can explain everything you need me to. Rufus and I, it's not what you think. I never had an intimate relationship with him when I was married. We didn't do anything crossing the line. He was only friendly towards me,"

Cassandra explained and felt her hands were shivering. She was trying hard to keep calm and telling herself that Cloris was only a young girl and not to take her words seriously. But no matter how hard she tried, her heart hurt badly because of Cloris's charge against her.

She had been Lionel's wife. However, Lionel had never treated her the way a wife should be treated. He never truly liked her but merely wanted to conquer her. He made another woman pregnant and then brought her into the Tang family! How ridiculous was that! That was a shame to her as Lionel's wife at that time. But Cassandra took it. She didn't tell her own family about what Lionel had done to her.

Clori insisted that she and Rufus had an affair when she was still Lionel's wife, and she seduced him. God knew the truth! It was Rufus who came after her and spoke openly about his feelings for her.

"Pfff. I don't care. You're divorced now and it's literally none of my business. But how could you set a trap for me? I can't forgive you for that! If Arthur hadn't come and saved me, I would've in all possibility been raped. I would like to ask you a question, as the schemer, were you disappointed that you didn't drive me insane? I believe you must be extremely disappointed to know that I had escaped the fate of being raped. Right?" Cloris exclaimed.

Cassandra was stunned by what Cloris had just said. She spoke as though

never heard of anything so bazaar. Maybe because she had never gone to visit a traditional doctor before. She was not sure whether she should trust Amanda or not, although she looked excited and eager.

"Yes, it is! I know a daughter-in-law of an officer, ranked high up. She had a boy with the remedy!"

Amanda assured firmly. Ivy began battling to contain the excitement and the possibility of hope.

"Where is she?" asked Ivy. "Can you take me there today?"

Ivy was impatient now. How she wished she could see this doctor, having her make a subscription so that she would be pregnant next month.

"No problem. Let's try after work. You go on with the file and I'll make an appointment. She has way too many patients."

Amanda winking at Ivy and then promptly left the room. Ivy felt happy and excited about this news.

She had miscarried already and it wasn't easy for her to get pregnant now. She was prepared to try everything, as long as there might be a chance. She longed to carry a life again.

Amanda took Ivy to a normal looking doctor's room in a hospital. An elderly grey-haired doctor was waiting for them.

After a brief introduction, the doctor asked Ivy to extend her hand. Apprehensively Ivy followed instructions. This doctor felt for her pulse for a long time, not saying a word. Her eyes closed as sitting in meditation.

After a lengthy moment, she stopped feeling the pulse to ask Ivy some questions. Taking out a note pad, she made a script and then sent Ivy to get the medicine at the pharmacy.

Ivy thanked the doctor and enthusiastically walked out. The doctor frowned and said to Amanda, who lagged behind her,

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