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   Chapter 254 Screwing Around (Part One)

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"I won't cook for you anymore!"

Cassandra pouted. Rufus was being critical about the dishes she prepared. It made her feel irritated and unappreciated. She'd rather stop cooking for him.

Cassandra threw the chopsticks onto the dining table, adding more of a dramatic effect and then stormed off. She went to the study to work on her design. The last thing she felt like was talking to Rufus.

Rufus couldn't help smiling seeing her angry. Cassandra was beautiful, but when angry she was exquisite. His little woman was so dramatically cute. He thought so while staring at her leaving.

Since she didn't eat much for dinner, Rufus warmed a cup of milk then walked over to the study to put the cup on her desk. Sitting down opposite her, he stared at the little woman intently.

Cassandra ignored him, playing she was still angry. She let him do whatever he wanted, while still focusing on the design.

Rufus kept staring at her, becoming passionately aroused. He began distracting her, as she felt his desire in his eyes warm her. She couldn't concentrate any longer.

"What do you want now?" she exclaimed, knowing full well the answer.

She closed the notebook and looked at him. He had fixated his eyes on her, as though she was some exotic, rare creature. Cassandra couldn't withstand his gaze any longer.


Rufus gave her a simple reply in a flirting tone, as he smiled slyly.

Cassandra's face turned red, at the thought of his intentions in his eyes. He loved playing these games with her. Teasing her as his eyes roamed all over her body, and causing her to feel his emotions coming through.

Rufus came over to her and hugged her in his arm, kissing her passionately for a long time, as his hands stroked her body gently.

A smile ventured around the corners of his mouth, as dark arousal framed his passion filled eyes. He scooped her up and took her to the bed. Their night had just began.

In an exclusive club in G City, Cassandra was dining with a client. They were laughing and talking about business ideas and issues they might have to overcome.

The door opened. A waitress walked in, holding a decorative plate of sweets they had ordered.

Cassandra felt her blood freeze, as she glanced at the waitress.

It was Cloris, her younger sister! Cassandra's mind became unleashed with questions. 'Why is she here in this establishment, working as a waitress? What has happened to her studies?' she thought in worries.

As Cloris noticed Cassandra, she paused for a moment, turned on her heels and began to leave the room.

, she was discovered by Cassandra before she was ready.

"Cloris! I called your university. They told me that you asked for leave, with the excuse that you needed to deal with some family affairs. May I know why?"

Cassandra frowned and looked disapprovingly at Cloris, her sister sharing the same blood with her. She was worried about her and wanted to build a better relationship with her.

Cloris was studying as an exchange student aboard. When she asked for leave at the institution, the administration department thought that there were some emergencies in her family. So they didn't ask too much and permitted the leave. However, the truth was that she abandoned a precious opportunity. Cassandra was distressed by her behavior.

"The reason is simple. I didn't want to stay abroad. That's all."

Cloris walked around her and kept moving towards the building expressionlessly.

Cassandra followed her closely and kept asking questions.

"Did you lie to our mother? I called her a few days ago. She told me that you called her on a video call. She thought you were still studying abroad. You are not a child anymore, Cloris. You should know right from wrong!"

Cassandra talked in a tone of reproach. Cloris stopped immediately. She turned around and cast a disdainful look at her.

"Are you accusing me, after what you've done, of what I should do and what I shouldn't? Come on. Save it. Admit it, you do things you're not supposed to yourself! I knew it when you were still the daughter-in-law of the Tang family. You and Rufus had an affair at that time, am I right? You ogled at each other secretly. I was not blind,"

Cloris sneered with a cold smile, and shot daggers with her eyes.

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