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   Chapter 253 The Trap (Part Six)

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Cassandra's heart ached as she listened to her mother weep over the phone. She suddenly forgot all about her nagging from a while ago and spoke with utmost care, "Mom, I'm so sorry. I shouldn't worry you. I promise you, all the gossip and news about my affair will be gone within a year. I won't continue with Rufus in such a state for long."

She thought of the agreement she had made with Rufus, according to which after giving birth to his baby, she would be set free.

For the rest of her life, she could be with her own family. She could live a simple life, like she had always wanted, and never fool herself in the name of love again.

"What? Are you planning to marry him? Can Rufus marry you under Tang family's pressure?"

Edith's skeptical tone was enough to convey she had misinterpreted Cassandra's words.

Cassandra didn't know how she would explain the situation to her. Although Rufus was Horace's son, he wasn't going to heed in any kinds of arrangements Horace made for him, unlike Lionel—who was incapable of making his own choices and a total coward. Rufus had always been firm about wanting to marry her. It was she who didn't want it.

"Mom, just stop asking. All I can tell you is I have a plan. I'll make sure everything settles soon. Don't worry."

Hearing Cassandra give a vague reply, Edith started nagging her again. The conversation finally ended when Cassandra promised to visit her by the end of the month.

After hanging up, she heaved a deep sigh of relief. All kinds of feelings persisted in her mind, regarding Edith and Cloris.

But she continued to feel uneasy like she was before the phone call, about what Whitney had said to her. She felt like there was something she had forgotten but couldn't even point her finger at what it was.

"You don't look quite like yourself today. Is there something bothering you?" Rufus asked Cassandra, back in the villa.

Cassandra stood chopping vegetables in Garden Villa's cozy and homely kitchen. One hand that held the knife, went up and down rhythmically, like a machine; while the other looked absolutely still, somehow was just holding the onions instead of pushing them forward.

Rufus noticed her looking far off and col

"Well, how nutritious do you think this is?" Rufus asked in an ironical tone.

He was already irritated by Cassandra's cold responses. When he saw the disastrous dish, he couldn't help showing his disgruntlement.

"You can choose not to eat!" Cassandra raised her voice to reply.

Angrily, she carried this plate and another with the other dishes she'd cooked to the dining room. She thudded the plates onto the table, venting her fury.

"Women are indeed small-minded. I only spoke the truth. Why are you getting so angry?"

Even though he was complaining, his actions spoke otherwise.

Rufus sat next to Cassandra and began eating.

"Although your cooking skills aren't very impressive, I won't discourage you by refusing to eat. Just be more careful next time."

Rufus calmed down in a bit and realized he had been too harsh on her. She had cooked after coming home post work and might have been so exhausted. He, on the other hand, simply expected to enjoy a delicious dish with no efforts. However, once he thought of the senseless explanation she gave for not hiring a domestic helper, his anger surged up again. 'Does she want to leave me so badly?

Does she hate living with me? But what about the love that I see in her eyes and actions?

Well, to understand a woman's heart is indeed like looking for a needle in the hay. What exactly is bothering her?' Rufus asked himself. He was nonplussed at his lack of ability to understand this little woman.

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