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   Chapter 252 The Trap (Part Five)

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The moment she stepped into the office building, she could clearly feel that Qin Group was no more the company she had known in the past. There were so many young faces, which created a lively and vigorous atmosphere all about the office. This was in stark contrast with the old Qin Group—although the spacious building was filled with loads of people in the past, the environment was always dull and lethargic.

Here, all the employees were concentrating on their own work. In the common working space, some people walked pass, while some worked on their desks; some were discussing about the projects, while some were liaising with the clients; everyone, in short, was fulfilling his or her role.

Completely satisfied with what she had come across, Whitney was glad for transferring those shares to Cassandra, who had done an excellent job in keeping the company running and transforming it into a lively place to work at with a prospering new face.

"Mrs. Zheng, I wish I could repay you the money worth your shares. But, Qin Group has just restarted…" Cassandra let her voice trail off.

She sounded sorry. After all, Qin Group could reach its breaking-point in the market any time. Anyhow, even at the moment, the profit margin was limited. As much as she wanted to pay Whitney back, she couldn't.

"Forget about that. If you really want to pay me back, keep up the good work at Qin Group. If you wish, you can repay me with interests after the company starts to make big profits. I will consider that as the repayment."

Whitney waved her hand nonchalantly and replied generously.

She wasn't short of money. The only thing she cared for was her daughter, Courtney's health. Cassandra was someone who had helped Courtney untie the knot in her heart. Now, she had recovered quite a lot, both physically and mentally. She no longer sulked in her miserable memories and had finally moved on in life.

This was a fair deal for Whitney—it was as if she had traded her shares in turn of her beloved daughter's health.

"Surely, I will. I will pack a huge red packet for you!"

Cassandra giggled and glanced at Whitney, appreciatively.

"How is Courtney now?"

Cassandra asked in a soothing, caring tone. It had been a long time since she had any contact with either of them.

"Much better. I am planning to teach her the basic rules of the business world once s

new the sweat and tears that went into those years for her to survive on her own. As a caring sister, she would never want Cloris to suffer the way she had.

Now that she thought about it, Cloris had been silent for quite some days now. She had stopped asking for her allowance as well. Even though Cassandra still transferred money to her account, it felt like Cloris had disappeared completely from her life.

"Cassandra! Are you even listening to me!"

Failing to hear Cassandra respond, Edith got annoyed and raised her voice.

"Ah, mom. Yes, I'm here. I was just...going through some files..."

Unwilling to make her mother worry for her conjecture, Cassandra just gave her a random excuse to get away with it.

"Also Cassandra, I really don't want to talk about this, but now the news about you and Rufus is all over the place, both online and offline. Are you really so blatant? Can't you refrain yourself from being so shameless out into the world? I understand you are divorced and it is alright for you to marry again, but it can't be with Rufus! I don't even dare to mention you when I'm with my friends. I'm afraid they'll all laugh at me!"

The more she spoke, the angrier she became and the higher her voice went. Towards the end, she almost started sobbing.

"Since your father got arrested, the only thing I've been hoping for is for you and your sister to be free of troubles. But just take a look at how things are going! Cloris is studying abroad, and you, on the other hand, are creating such a mess! How can I not be worried? This is the death of me!"

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