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   Chapter 251 The Trap (Part Four)

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Even back home, Ivy was still in a daze. She couldn't even hear Jill, who called her multiple times from the living room.

"Ivy, what happened to you?"

Jill asked as she walked toward the absent-minded-looking Ivy to check on her. She touched her shoulder and realized she was trembling. She instantly figured something was horribly wrong.

"What are you thinking about? Is everything okay? I thought you had fun with Lionel last night. Also, don't you have to work in Miss Ke's studio today?"

Jill suspiciously scanned Ivy's face, trying to make out what was wrong.

"Aunt Jill, I am okay. I have caught a cold, and Miss Ke has given me permission to rest for two days."

Even with her heart crumbling, Ivy managed to force a smile, focusing her eyes on Jill's face.

"Should I call a doctor for you? If you are planning for getting pregnant, please take your medicine cautiously!"

Jill got alerted instantly upon learning Ivy was sick, already worried about her grandson more than she was for her.

"I am fine, and I am not pregnant yet…" Ivy retorted.

Bitterness engulfed her body as she explained herself to Jill. There wasn't a single person in Tang family who truly cared for her. Even Jill, who at least seemed to be close to her on the surface, was only concerned about the baby she hadn't even conceived yet.

"Okay then, go up and rest now,"

Jill said, almost too hurriedly. She then turned around to enjoy her daily soaps, breaking into a hearty laughter.

Dejected, Ivy trudged back to her room.

She lay on the bed and closed her eyes. However, a myriad of thoughts swirled in her mind. She tried hard to fall asleep but just couldn't.

picion against her.

The sea breeze kissed her face and blew her hair into waves. Staring at the endless sea, she smiled proudly and joyfully.

'Poor Cassandra! You really think it's easy to compete with me for Rufus, huh? What I'm capable of is far beyond your imagination!' she exclaimed inside.

Cassandra hadn't expected Whitney to come to her office to meet her.

She was now sitting on the couch with a casual look and sipping from the coffee that was served by Cassandra's assistant.

"Mrs. Zheng, I didn't expect you to come back to the city so suddenly. If you had told me earlier, I would have arranged for someone to pick you up," Cassandra said.

She wore an apologetic look. If Whitney hadn't signed the agreement to transfer her shares to Cassandra, the Qin Group would never have stayed with Qin family, which was why Cassandra was grateful for her help.

"I have been back for quite some time already. Today, I decided to come and take a look at how Qin Group's doing. After all, it is the place my husband had once striven at."

Whitney wore a mild smile as she sat and spoke elegantly.

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