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   Chapter 250 The Trap (Part Three)

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Amanda took a step toward him and pushed his finger away. She then turned to the steward, who stood as dumbfounded as the rest of them.

"Who is this? I thought you said the cottage hadn't started serving yet.

Who is this guy then?" Amanda questioned, again.

Her expression was a mix of disgust and fury. She couldn't help but raise her voice at the steward.

"He… he is my master's son..."

the steward stuttered answering. He could barely bring himself to speak in such an embarrassing situation. Honestly, he was at a complete loss as well.

"Hey, you. What is this? Who are these two women?"

The man yelled even louder than Amanda, just as arrogant and rude as before.

"Sir… Sir, she is the daughter of master's friends," the steward replied, pointing at Amanda. "Last night, her friend, this young lady, slept in this room."

The steward was so terrified that he was trembling.

Dead silence followed his answer. Ivy was stupefied, having found who the man was.

'This man is the son of the owner of this place?

He thought I was a prostitute?

Oh my goodness How did I get involved in this complicated matter?' Ivy thought, her heart still beating fast.

"Can you please leave the room first? We can talk once Miss Luo is dressed," Amanda toned down and requested the man.

She was the first person to recover from the shock and confusions of the situation, and to break the awkward silence. Before he could go out, she thought it was sensible to already warn them.

"I don't want this to go out of this room. If any of you try to mention this to anyone, I swear I will make you pay for it!"

Amanda gritted her teeth as she spoke, her lips twisted in anger. The man sneered at her before he exited, slamming the door behind him. Amanda and Ivy remained in the room.

Just as the door closed, Ivy slumped onto the floor. The force with which she was supporting herself in front of that stranger vanished right after he left. All life drained out of her eyes. She looked absolutely disconsolate and broken.

"What happened? All I remember is I was with Lionel last night. Where did this man come from?"

Ivy mumbled to herself, unab

"Go off now. If you dare mention this to anyone, I will tell my father to ruin you, your father and all your businesses!" Amanda growled at him, threatening.

Amanda's protective approach filled Ivy up with warmth. She came off as such a gentle and soft person, yet she turned fierce and harsh when it came to Ivy's defense. Even after letting the man go, she threatened him for her sake. Ivy really felt like Amanda was a person she could easily rely on.

There wasn't much of an effect on the man. He jeered, "That's fucking unlucky of me." With that, he turned and left, stomping his feet. The steward followed him.

"Ivy, rest assured. I know what you mean. I promise no one else will get to know about whatever happened. The owner of this cottage depends on my father for most of his business opportunities. His son wouldn't dare talking about this. Plus, the steward has been in his position for years, and he knows perfectly well about what he should and shouldn't do. They will keep this a secret. Don't worry!"

Amanda continued to console Ivy, who finally broke into a wail, unleashing all her emotions. She simply laid her head on Amanda's shoulder and let out her sadness.

After Ivy was pacified, Amanda asked someone to take her back to Tang family.

"You can rest at home for two days. You don't have to come to work. Just relax yourself,"

Amanda sighed, putting up a sorry and pitiful look, which saddened Ivy further.

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