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   Chapter 249 The Trap (Part Two)

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"I forgot to mention, this cottage belongs to my friend. It hasn't started serving officially yet. But, you can stay here tonight and be the first guests. I believe it will be an exotic experience."

Amanda snapped her fingers. A steward approached her and bowed.

"Miss Ke, is there anything I can help you with?"

His politeness was impeccable. He clearly seemed trained very well for this job.

"Ready the best room for Mr. Tang and Miss Luo. They are going to spend the night here post dinner."

It seemed like Amanda knew this place and the staff very well.

"Okay, Miss Ke."

The steward bowed again before he exited the dining room. Amanda finished the last piece of steak on her plate and stood up, saying, "The atmosphere here is quite soothing. Though it may not be as good as the most famous shore cities, it has a feeling of its own. If you still want any more food, feel free to ask the steward to prepare it for you. I will excuse myself, now. Good night. It was nice meeting you, Mr. Tang."

She shook hands with both Ivy and Lionel, then waved them goodbye, walking out.

As she stepped outside the place, Amanda turned back to glance at the cottage. Her smiling eyes turned to squinting.

'Ivy, don't blame me for being too cruel. This is how the real world works—the more powerful ones prey on the weaker ones. Unfortunately, you are too weak to be a predator, so take this chance and be my prey, ' she thought smugly.

Lionel and Ivy still sat at the table. It had been forever since they had dinner together. They gazed at each other in awe in the flickering glow of the candle light, feeling the unprecedented charm of the other.

Ivy's alluring red lips were slightly parted. Her eyes seemed to twinkle like stars.

"Lionel, you might be getting really tired these days. I noticed you don't even sleep in late like you used to."

Just like the dinner, it had been long since Ivy said anything caring or empathetic to Lionel. He felt some warmth emanating from her voice.

"Yeah...the tension between Tang Group and Dawn Star Group has heightened to another level. I cannot afford to relax."

As soon as he mentioned business, he recalled Hora

g up.

He picked up his scattered clothes from around the room and started dressing himself.

"Well, let me tell you. I am not afraid of your tricks. Worst case scenario, I'll settle things with you in the police station. Then show me what you have to say about this!

I mean, come on! Is this how prostitutes are supposed to behave?"

The man looked furious as if he really was wronged.

Ivy completely blanked out.

'Can someone tell me what's going on here?' she screamed inwardly. The shock made her forget how to utter words.

Amanda, who was waiting outside the room, seemed to have heard the commotion. She asked the steward to open the room with the spare key.

As the key turned into the lock, Ivy slid back on the bed, leaning against the wall, trembling in fear. She didn't know what to expect anymore.

Within the next few seconds, Amanda pushed the door open. She looked completely astonished as her eyes landed upon the man.

"Who are you?"

Amanda asked aloud. She then turned to Ivy, who sat wrapped in a blanket, sweating and shivering. Her eyes darted from the man to Ivy, as if waiting for either of them to give her an explanation.

"Let me tell you, girl. I know you are providing elite level of services from some highly organized group, but that isn't enough to intimidate me. I swear you can't cheat me, bitch!"

The man put up an unbridled face, pointing his finger right at Amanda's nose as he spoke angrily.

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