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   Chapter 248 The Trap (Part One)

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It seemed as if Cassandra had been stripped of all her privacy and freedom. There was always someone to drive her to work and take her back to the Garden Villa. They even followed her when she went shopping or simply took a walk on the street! The mania was driving her crazy!

"Can you please ask your people to stop following me?"

She finally started to negotiate with Rufus. She felt so uncomfortable being eyed all the time, but had no other choice.

"Of course. I will ask them to be unnoticeable,"

Rufus said, shrugging with a nonchalant look which angered Cassandra.

"What I want is for them to vanish! I don't want to be tailed after! I don't want them near me whatsoever! I don't want to be monitored! I am not a criminal!"

Cassandra said, finally breaking lose. She glared at Rufus in the hope that he would see she was genuinely frustrated. On the contrary, he wore a casual smile. Oh, how she wished she could wipe it off his face!

"Okay, okay. Even if you're not a criminal, you're still someone who has escaped me once. What if you run away again? I need to keep an eye on you, right?" Rufus said, teasingly.

His unbothered attitude annoyed her to the bone.

"What the hell, Rufus! Do you think I'll just disappear into thin air? Just tell them to stop following me! I really cannot take it anymore," Cassandra demanded.

She controlled the urge to shout at him and tried talking some sense into him, instead. But Rufus was so stuck on his point that he angered her even more! In the end, she had to keep herself sane by clenching her teeth and fists.

"Alright, then. Agree to marry me, and I'll order my people to stay away from you."

Rufus's mouth turned into a mischievous smile as he raised his eyebrows at her. Cassandra felt defeated.

"Rufus, I swear I'll call the police and report that some random strangers are following me! And it will all lead them to you!" Cassandra tried to threaten him, desperate and helpless.

Watching Rufus unmoved and unaffected, she resorted to actually contact the police and win this battle. She tossed her head up, feigning confidence, as if she had the upper hand in this co

Lionel, falsely believing her performance, turned his head toward Ivy, with a surprised look.

He had always thought Ivy was merely someone who would indulge herself in the extravagant purses, cosmetics, perfumes and clothes. He could never imagine her helping him with his business.

Ivy could tell how surprised he was. She lifted her head and smiled at him confidently.

"Ivy is a capable negotiator. I think her potential hasn't been discovered fully. I even feel that her role in my studio is hindering her own development. After my piano school is set up, I will definitely arrange a more suitable position for her,"

Amanda spoke highly of Ivy, sipping from her wine glass.

At the same time, a rare sense of love rose in Lionel's heart.

'It seems, ' he thought, 'that I don't fully know Ivy.'

He had always believed Ivy paid too much attention to her appearance and had no real talents or potentials. But Amanda talked of her so highly! He felt like he had underestimated her.

"I would like to thank you for giving Ivy this precious opportunity on her behalf. I will be monitoring your project myself to make sure that it goes on well!" Lionel said.

He began to feel elated. If Ivy was granted the opportunity to pursue her career under Amanda, she would certainly benefit from the vast connections Amanda had and even be able to introduce more clients to him. This was a great opportunity for him as well!

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