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   Chapter 247 Raging Through Her Body (Part Four)

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She continued, "Ivy, I am unmarried but we know what a child means to a family. As long as a woman has her child, her status in the family would be consolidated."

A sincere look was on Amanda's face and she sounded so thoughtful.

"It is true. But Lionel has been quite busy. We... It has been a long time since we last..."

Ivy stuttered with a little embarrassment.

She had a hunch that Amanda might be able to help her and even help her to restore her status in the Tang family!

Ivy noticed a gleam of bashfulness flashed across Amanda's face. 'After all, she is a virgin, unlike me who is experienced.

Alas, how unfortunate my fate is!' she sighed internally.

Amanda thought for a while before she went on with sincerity, "Ivy, we know men need a little passion. Probably it is because you are too familiar with each other, and he got some so-called aesthetic fatigue for you. How about making a change of yourself? Or change an environment when you are together, perhaps you will have different feelings about each other," she suggested.

Amanda's eyes were full of concern for Ivy.

"I also think it might be a factor that we are also confronted with the seven-year itch. But I just have no idea how to make the change," Ivy confided.

She had tried a variety of fashionable clothes, attempting to seduce Lionel by her appearance. Still, it would only take Lionel two days before he returned to his coldness again.

"I have an idea. One of my friends has an open villa hotel at the seaside of G City. It is fairly romantic and made especially for couples. Would you like to go for a try? I can arrange a service package for you,"

Amanda suggested, pleased. She knew that Ivy was seriously considering her suggestion. She totally gained her trust.

"Lionel and I have traveled to many places. I am afraid he wouldn't be interested in the seaside villas in G City,"

Ivy hesitated, with an apprehensive look on her face.

"Don't worry, I will fix this. It is not only about a seaside villa vocation. Use your inner awesomeness to touch him, given his fatigue of your looks!"

Amanda added with assurance, smiling. Her eyes and eyebrows radiated her triumphant elation.

Ivy couldn't help but reminisce that she once had been as proud as Amanda right now. At those times, Lionel's intense eyes were always glued to her, and so to sp

you who won this case, I believe he will look at you with fresh eyes!"

Amanda smiled, artlessly and innocently.

"Really? Can this change the way Lionel thinks about me?"

Ivy asked, with an air of uncertainty. After all, without any experience in negotiation, she feared she would screw up.

"This friend and I are in good terms. I recommended only the Tang Group. He will definitely sign a contract with us. It is only a matter of time. I will teach you what to say, don't worry about it!"

Amanda's promise dispelled the anxiety and fears inside Ivy who became more grateful to Amanda.

"Amanda, I don't know how to express my appreciation for your help,"

Ivy said, so grateful to Amanda who possessed beauty and virtues.

"Ivy, you know, I love Rufus. Though there is some discord between Mr. Tang and Rufus, they are still brothers. And they will get over that eventually. If we are lucky, we will become sisters-in-law and family. So it is my pleasure to help you."

Amanda's remark echoed in the heart of Ivy, reminding her of her ultimate purpose of marrying Lionel. Amanda wanted to marry Rufus, therefore, in a sense, they were alike.

But Ivy failed to notice a hint of slyness flashing through Amanda's eyes.

'What a stupid woman! I have thought it would be more difficult to deal with her. Instead, it was easy as pie, ' she thought to herself.

Yes, she was going to marry Rufus, but she didn't want to see anyone vie with Rufus. For her, Ivy was no more than a handy weapon which could serve to remove those people standing in Rufu's way.

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