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   Chapter 246 Raging Through Her Body (Part Three)

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But Cassandra thought otherwise. For a man that only saw her as a childbearing body, marriage was nothing but a tool!

'This is ridiculous. I can not believe it but I am still in love with him at this moment! I'm such a cheap and worthless person...' she was mad at herself.

Having a child with Rufus was supposed to send happy thoughts through her head.

Still, it saddened her that her child, though could be materially satisfied by Rufus, wouldn't grow up in a whole family.

"Rufus, what is the problem? You gave your condition and I accepted it," Cassandra asked.

There was finally a smile on her face at this moment but it was not the kind that he expected. It pained him to see this kind of smile.

"Nothing bad, okay. We can observe it from now on," he replied.

Rufus wasn't sure of when he started to find it difficult to compose himself around Cassandra. When she implied that she was willing to sacrifice a year of her life just to get rid of him, rage started to burn inside him.

He was tired of being a gentleman. He reached over, clasped her waist and hoisted her up on the table.

Rufus noticed her tenseness. Suddenly he heaved a sigh and tightened his hug.

"Not today! Tomorrow, you will not go back to your apartment after work. I will arrange a driver to pick you up so you don't have to feel guilty for using the company vehicle for personal needs," he said.

Rufus knew how she thought. She did her best not to use the company vehicles for private purposes.

In regular times, Cassandra would refuse. But in today's situation, she had no say in the decision.

Rufus held her in his arms and put her into the tub before he turned on the warm water. He said nothing as he washed her.

Cassandra was worried that he would take advantage of her again but to her surprise, he just bathed her with great care and no trace of violence.

She wondered whether he had been stung by his guilty conscience and thought he might have regretted what he had done.

Cassandra wanted to talk to Rufus but as soon as she opened her mouth, it closed the next second.

Rufus had seen through Cassandra's thoughts. His lips curled into a crooked smile. He teased, "Don't take this wrong way. I know that today is not your ovulation date. I wouldn't b

'Child, child, child, so I can never get out of this damned situation unless I am pregnant with another child?' she couldn't help thinking.

But how could she get pregnant given Lionel's cold attitude toward her? The thought made her more upset.

"Ivy, Miss Ke would like to see you in her office,"

Amanda's assistant said as she came in.

Ivy got to her feet and made her way to Amanda's office.

Actually, Ivy's duties couldn't be lighter and easier, in spite of the fat salary.

Ivy was anticipated that Miss Ke would talk to her someday since no company would give a high salary to an employee producing no results.

To her confusion, though, Amanda said nothing but inquired about her recent work.

"Ivy, you don't look very cheerful recently. Your eyebrows are always knitted together. Is there something wrong between you and Mr. Tang?"

Amanda asked with concern, looking at Ivy with a serious gaze.

Ivy was stunned. She was not aware that her emotions have been so obvious on her face.

"Miss Ke, we are fine, I can deal with that myself,"

Ivy managed a smile, uncomfortably.

"Ivy, I take you as my friend. As a woman, I know what you are afraid of. Mr. Tang hasn't married you so your affiliation with the Tangs still waits to be acknowledged, right?"

Amanda stood up, walked towards Ivy, and pulled her to sit on the sofa with her.

"Ivy, I think, you should have a baby. Only in this way will your status in the Tangs be solidified,"

Amanda said. Her words surprised Ivy.

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