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   Chapter 245 Raging Through Her Body (Part Two)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 7483

Updated: 2019-06-05 01:49

Confused, Dylon ended the call thinking that it was probably the poor reception. The dial tone disturbed the room's deafening silence.

"What a pity. He doesn't even seem to care about you that much. Your call for help fell on indifferent ears," Rufus uttered.

He watched her with his icy gaze as his lips curled into a sarcastic smile.

"Is that how you plan to get rid of me? Through death? Cassandra, none of your attempts have succeeded so far. Do you need me to inspire you more?"

Rufus reached over, picked up a shard of glass, grabbed her wrist, and placed the broken piece up to her wrist.

"Honey, cutting your hand doesn't work, except for bleeding and having a scar, far from fatal at all. See here? Here is the artery. You should cut it swiftly. You understand? Hard and fast. With one clean stroke, you'll be able to tear your skin and blood will flow out of your artery,"

Rufus said as he slid the glass gently on her skin. The ice-cold shard of glass sent chills down her spine. She began to shiver.

"But this way of bleeding is so slow, your body will grow cold as the blood drains and your consciousness will slowly go away with it. Then, you will start to convulse, just like a dying ant..."

Rufus whispered slowly in her ear, eyeing her ashen face.

This woman tried to kill herself! He thought that it was best he did something to scare her so she will not try to do it again.

"Now, do you still want to put an end to your life?" he asked.

The warmth of his breath passed from her ear to her neck. No matter how close he was to her body, she felt no warmth within her.

"Didn't you say... I cannot leave you until I die?"

Cassandra stuttered, opening her shaking lips, in a voice too hoarse to bear.

Rufus knitted his eyebrows, suddenly wondering if she was dehydrated throughout the day.

"No, I changed my mind. Even when you die, I'll make sure I still have you. I will dig your body out and put it in my future grave. Then, we would be together again after we die,"

he said as his lip curled up into a menacingly dazzling smile. The look on his face made the hair on her arms stand.

Cassandra felt despair sweep all over her. It seemed that she had no way to escape Rufus.

I choose to give you a baby?" she said.

She initially thought he was joking. 'Bear him a child? Is today April Fool's day?' she sneered within her.

"Two choices: First, get the license with me to be my legal wife. The other one, bear me a child before I give you freedom! Otherwise, like I said, I won't let you go,"

Rufus said, maintaining an intense gaze.

He knew Cassandra would have no heart to leave him if they have a child. Rufus suppressed the elation inside him for his ideas.

No matter which choice Cassandra made, she would be kept with him tightly, of course. Even if she chose the first alternative, marrying him was the wiser choice, he gloated sneakily.

Cassandra took a deep breath before she uttered something that would drop his jaw, "Okay, we should make an agreement. After one year, we will not owe each other after I give birth to a child," she counteroffered.

Determination emanated from her eyes. She knew Rufus well. She knew his slyness so she decided that the best course of action for this moment was to play along.

Now, it was Rufus's turn to be stunned.

He did not expect Cassandra to agree to his mad request. His originall plan was to force her to marry him.

"You would rather bear an illegitimate child than marry me?" he asked.

He felt a spasm of anger surging inside him. As far as he knew, Cassandra always cherished her reputation. It perplexed him thinking what drove her to choose to be an unwed mother? That was crazy!

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