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   Chapter 244 Raging Through Her Body (Part One)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 7585

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Cassandra was humiliated. Tears of shame ran down her cheeks.

"I hate you, Rufus! I hate you so much as I have never hated anyone before!"

Cassandra roared. The throbbing pressure on her body and her temples almost made her collapse.

"Go ahead! Hate me all you want! I don't give a damn how you feel!" he shot back.

The night seemed long and distressing. Finally, Rufus lay asleep soundly beside her; his exhaustion was evident from the venting.

Cassandra's eyes widened at the sight of the man beside her.

He was fast asleep. Despite his unguarded disposition, tension shone visibly on his face.

His eyebrows were furrowed. 'What is he dreaming about?' she thought.

The tie around her wrists was loosened—a product of her unrelenting struggle. Cassandra gingerly moved her hands and freed them bit by bit

until they were finally fully hers again.

She cautiously pushed herself up and was mildly surprised that Rufus did not wake up to this. He must be exhausted, not just physically, but also mentally.

Every cell in her body hurt. Her wrists were bruised very badly.

She was not sure how she could face the tyrant on the bed. She quietly went to the closet to get some clothes.

It was better for her to leave before Rufus woke up.

She pulled on her clothing, turned around and found Rufus staring right at her. She was taken aback.

"Where are you going?"

His icy voice almost made her jump. She began to tremble.

The sound of the closet door woke him up but he waited until she got dressed to cover the bruises on her body.

'Does she think those clothes would be enough to cover the marks I left on her body? Does she really believe she could escape just like that?

Cassandra, you are so naive!' he jeered within.

"I'm bare naked and you're fully dressed but why are you still the one shaking? It's like you have a cold,"

he said mischievously. There was a hint of allure in his voice. Under normal circumstances, Cassandra might even think he was flirting with her.

The situation now, however, was far from normal. Cassandra trembled and her legs grew weak. With all her strength, she worked hard to keep it together.

"You're clearly cold. Why don't you go back to bed and let me warm you?"

he said a

to her finger.

Hurriedly, she pulled the pieces of glass out of her skin which caused even more blood to come out.

Suddenly, her phone rang from inside her jacket pocket on the ground.

She reached out and answered.

"Cassandra, I saw a report about you in the paper! You have been nominated for the Top Ten Outstanding Youth Award of G City! Congratulations!"

Dylon's ecstatic voice said from the other end of the line.

Cassandra remained silent. The news was not enough to lighten her mood.

Suddenly, the bedroom door swung open and a tall figure stood stunned at the scene that welcomed him.

"So you tried to kill yourself to escape me?"

Rufus said as he slowly went closer, one step at a time. HIs eyes burned with rage.

He felt so bad about what he did last night that he decided to come back and check on her. He even brought her the latest spring outfit which he asked his assistant to buy for him.

But as the door opened, he saw her sitting dazedly with the glass debris on the ground.

Dylon was perplexed with Cassandra's silence.

"Cassandra, can you hear me?" he asked.

Rufus knew the voice. It was familiar, it was Dylon's!

"And you are asking him for help or are you bidding him goodbye before you take your own life?" he asked.

He was very close now, squatting right in front of her, scrutinizing her face and trying to read every detail.

Color had already drained from Cassandra's cheeks. She could sense the heat of Rufus's rage and boiling hatred.

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