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   Chapter 243 Hatred And Desire (Part Four)

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It's not what I think. I don't care about what other people think. They mean nothing to me, as long as I can be with you, ' she screamed in her head.

However, reality was cruel. She had to leave him. Then he wouldn't need to choose between two women and be pulled apart from both directions.

'The pain is only temporary, ' Cassandra comforted herself silently. 'We would only hurt each other more if we stay together. If I leave now, both of us would have more time to heal. It's for the best.'

"Cassandra, I never thought that you would be like this."

Rufus had never hated a woman so much as he did now. Even when Amanda left him, he had never felt this much pain.

He was trying hard to rein in his anger, clenching his fists and cracking his finger joints.

"This is who I am," Cassandra lifted her chin and tried her best to appear cruel. "You treated me well from the very beginning, so choosing you was the logical choice. I'm a realistic person, or I wouldn't have divorced Lionel. I know he's not as good as you."

Cassandra projected an air of vanity.

The blood had all but drained from Rufus's face.

He had never felt so defeated, even before his business reached a plateau.

It seemed that he was twice the fool this time, and the pain brought by the betrayal was also two-fold.

Cassandra had never loved him. His heart broke at the thoughts that crashed over him.

"You're right," he managed to answer. "He's not as capable as I am, but I'm not as vicious as you are," he spat.

How to break two hearts that were in love?

Cassandra thought they were the best example. They were deeply in love, but now, they were only hurting each other.

Although the words that she said were the complete opposite of her true feelings, she had already hurt Rufus, and he was ready to snap back.

The tears were threatening to fall from her face, but she blinked against them, gritting her teeth and clenching her fists to gain control.

"Well, now that you know what I've thinking, I don't think you have any more questions, and I have nothing left to say to you either. We no longer have any reason to be together. Let's stop this before things get even uglier."

Cassandra stared at him for the last time, comm

us! You son of a bitch! You're out of your mind. Let me go!"

Cassandra was frightened. She could not move her hands as they were tightly tied together.

"Go on and scream as much as you want. You won't be able to curse me after tonight!"

A cold smile played on Rufus's lips. His eyes were evil and cold, and Cassandra's blood froze at the sight.

"Rufus, let me go! Do you hear me?! If you force me this way, I will never ever forgive you!" she threatened.

Cassandra saw the glazed look in his eyes, just like the sky darkening before the storm. No one could stop him now.

"I don't care. You have never really loved me anyway. You can hate me as much as you want.

I've said before that I won't let you leave until I die. But now, I'd like to make sure you can't leave me unless I die, or you die!"

Rufus's words were like sharp knives stabbing right into Cassandra's heart, making deep lacerations. Her heart thundered in fear.

She closed her eyes as he towered over her. She didn't want to see him this way. This was not the Rufus she knew. If this was how he wanted things, she would just bear whatever happened silently.

She was so tired, and she had no more strength to fight him back. Right now, she was no different from a common whore to him. After he was done venting his anger, she would be free.

By then, she would be a thorn in his flesh, and they wouldn't be able to be together again.

There was a smile on Rufus's lips, but his eyes glowed with hatred.

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