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   Chapter 242 Hatred And Desire (Part Three)

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In his office, Rufus found himself agitated. Every now and then, his eyes would flit to his phone, waiting for a reply from Cassandra. But whenever his screen would light up, it was with someone else's name.

It seemed that she had made up her mind to ignore him. He heard that she didn't return to the Garden Villa and stayed in her rented apartment in these past few days.

Why was she acting this way? Was it still because he went to take care of the sick Amanda?

Cassandra worked overtime. As she stepped out of the office building, the familiar Phantom came into view.

She had purposefully stayed in her office for as long as she could, but she knew she could hide no longer. Knowing that Rufus came for an explanation, she composed herself and then walked on unhurriedly.

However, the moment she saw Rufus's figure leaning against the car from far away, she felt herself crumbling.

His eyes zeroed in on her from afar.

She was wearing tight clothes that hugged her figure. A cool breeze blew and fluttered her skirt, exposing her slender legs.

Cassandra stood there, hesitating in her tracks, and so Rufus straightened up and closed the distance between them.

"What are you thinking?"

he asked when he was standing right in front of her. Cassandra wore an unreadable expression on her face.

He took in the sight of her and wanted to sigh at the relief. A few days seemed so long when he did not see her.


she replied stiffly.

Rufus was silent for a moment before speaking again, "Come on. I'll take you home."

He put an arm around her shoulder, but she shook free from his grasp.

Rufus was stunned by her response, and his arm hung at his side. He couldn't understand why she was being so cold.

"I want to go back to my apartment. I have to work early tomorrow."

Cassandra's throat tightened but she forced the words out. She could not even bear to look at Rufus. It was all too much.

"I'll drive you here tomorrow morning," he reasoned.

Rufus could feel t


"You know I don't care what other people think of you. I've stopped at nothing to try to protect you and change your image. There are easier ways. If you had given up Qin Group and married me, you wouldn't need to appear in public and hear criticism from others.

But that isn't what you want to do, and I respect your determination to run Qin Group well. I supported you however I can. How can you tell me that you want to break up over this?"

Rufus's voice had the sound of breaking ice, and his heart plummeted.

Cassandra was grief-stricken. The pain on Rufus's face was unmistakable as he spoke, and she felt her own heart breaking into pieces in the fragile way he looked at her.

His gaze went deep in her bones and tormented her.

"You don't care, but I do,"

Cassandra said heartlessly, steeling herself against her tears.

"You may not care what I think, but I'm tired of putting everyone else first. The only way I can be free from all these burdens is that I have to separate myself from you. I appreciate everything you've done for me, but I can't stand back and watch my reputation shred to pieces like this. I work hard for my name, and I'm not letting it go now, even if it means that I have to let you go instead."

The harshness in Cassandra's voice masked the tears in her heart. 'No, it's not true!

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