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   Chapter 241 Hatred And Desire (Part Two)

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Rufus and Amanda's earlier exchange came back to her. He sounded so gentle as he reassured her over the phone.

Thoughts began to swirl inside her head. She had been in love with Rufus for so long, and at times, he seemed to be so affectionate.

But it was not only to her. Both she and Amanda occupied a space in his heart.

The clock ticked rhythmically inside the office, the sound creeping thickly through the walls. Cassandra closed her eyes against the piercing pain that came with every heartbeat. When a heart got tired, even love became a burden.

"Amanda, why are you standing there in the cold?"

From afar, Rufus saw Amanda's figure in the doorway, her thin skirt fluttering against the wind.

She was sick, but she still stood in a draught.

Rufus pulled Amanda into the car and drove to the hospital.

"Where does it hurt? Is it your disease?" he asked.

When he found out about her condition, Rufus took it upon himself to learn more about the disease. From what he found out, her condition couldn't be cured; even the latest medical advancements could only control it.

Amanda nodded absentmindedly, her face blank.

"What's wrong? Are you in pain? Hold on. We'll be in the hospital soon."

Rufus felt himself toward Amanda's sorry state. She was lethargic and listless, like a dry leaf swaying in the autumn wind. It was no use denying their history. She was the girl who made him know what love felt like; although they had parted ways, they spent wonderful times together. He would always have a certain fondness for her, and he felt sympathy pour out from him as she suffered severely from an incurable illness.

"Rufus, if someone wants to hurt me, will you protect me?"

Amanda asked, turning her head to Rufus. Her sudden question caught him off-guard, her eyes boring into his.

"Is someone threatening you? You have the protection of your father. No one in the world would dare lay a finger on you," he answered.

Amanda dropped her gaze as a sad smile fell on her lips.

ly when Rufus was around.

Rufus returned to Tang Group and resumed his work like usual. He tried to contact Cassandra in his spare time, but she came up with various reasons to ignore his messages and calls.

"Cassandra, what is it? What do you want?"

Cassandra's eyes lingered over the message on the screen, a cold smile on her lips.

'What do I want? I want nothing. I don't want to have anything to do with you any more, ' she answered in her head.

She didn't want to reply, so she threw her phone aside, ignoring the multiple buzzes and vibrations. She buried herself in reviewing the design draft submitted by the design department.

Since her relationship with Rufus was revealed to the public, she had been having fewer and fewer clients.

Maybe Rufus was desperately trying to create an image for her, but the world was unforgiving. As a woman, it dictated that it was immoral to divorce a man and then fall in love with his brother.

Her client list shortened as days went by, and Tang Group might suffer even more.

Cassandra was determined to break up with Rufus, even as she felt her chest constrict in his absence.

However, she didn't know what the effect would be to Tang Group. It was difficult to predict people's attitudes, and there had always been a distinction between how the world viewed men and women.

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