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   Chapter 240 Hatred And Desire (Part One)

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"It's late. There is no need to rush into finishing the job. It can wait until tomorrow,"

Rufus spoke softly, coaxing Cassandra into giving up her idea. The bitterness in her smile escaped him.

"Creative work needs inspiration, and an idea has just struck me. If I stop now, I might lose my momentum. It'll be too late tomorrow,"

Cassandra argued. She did not want to stay with him longer than necessary.

The more she stayed with Rufus, the more difficult it got to rein her emotions. The air around them was becoming stifling even as she spoke, and all she wanted right now was a moment's peace from the turbulence inside her.

"Fine. I'll give you a ride,"

Rufus conceded, nodding his head thoughtfully to show understanding.

"Don't bother," Cassandra answered back, a little too quickly. Rufus noticed it as well. His head shot up at her response. "Your leg is fine now, and there is no need for me to take care of you. Go back to the Tang mansion tonight. You haven't met your family for a long time," Cassandra continued, stubbornly refusing his offer.

She looked at Rufus with a steady gaze, her face impossible to read.

Rufus gave her a long look in return.

'Family?' he scoffed inwardly at the word. 'The Tang family never regarded me as one of them.' When his leg got hurt, Lionel made changes to the dinner party without consulting him. He knew what Lionel was doing when he deliberately let Amanda play the piano at the finale. Clearly, every step he took was to derail Rufus's plans.

Cassandra looked at him in silence, but he knew she had already made up her mind. He pressed her no longer.

To her, family was the most important anyway.

"All right. I'll drive you to your company and then go back. If it gets too late when you finish, don't go back to the villa. Go to the apartment."

The apartment she rented was very close to Qin Group. If she stayed there, Rufus could feel more at ease.


Cassandra nodded and cast her eyes down. For a moment, a shadow seemed

needs to be taken care of. I'm the only one who can do that for her."

Rufus shook his head in bewilderment. He had never seen Cassandra so difficult.

She understood it when her own family decided to marry her off to save themselves. She forgave the Tang family, after all that they had put her through. Why was it that she was losing her cool when it came to Amanda?

"Fine," Cassandra answered, her tone distant. She was opening the door as she continued to speak, "If she is so pitiful and helpless, then go and take care of her. Better yet, marry her, so you can keep doing that your whole life," she laughed bitterly, her voice thick with hurt.

She lingered for a moment, as if waiting for Rufus to speak. Then she slammed the door and walked into the direction of the building.

Left alone inside the car, Rufus felt as if his limbs had turned to stone. His frustration boiled inside him and he pounded the steering wheel with his fist.

Heaving a deep breath, he slammed the car into gear, the tires screaming as his foot jammed against the accelerator. The car headed straight to the hospital. The screeches of rubber on the pavement reached the building, and Cassandra gave a broken laugh when they reached her ears.

She sat slumped in the sofa in her office, as if in a trance for a long time. There was nothing but numbness.

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