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   Chapter 238 Go To His Room

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Rufus held Cassandra's hand and strode toward the stage, taking her along.

Looking at the two of them approaching, the crowd automatically cleared a path for them.

Amanda's face dulled, her lips pressed together. 'Why would Rufus bring Cassandra up here? What is he up to?' she wondered bitterly.

A hint of nervousness flashed through Lionel's eyes. Rufus's actions had perplexed him.

Cassandra, on the other hand, was in a daze. Even when they reached the stage, she still hadn't recollected her senses.

"Let Cassandra, Amanda and I perform together for this show!"

Rufus announced, taking the microphone. Then, he turned the speaker off and whispered to Cassandra, "Sing something. Anything is fine. I'll play the accompaniment music for you."

He turned the mic back on, fixing it on the stand and adjusting its height for Cassandra. He gave her an encouraging smile and a pat on her shoulder before he walked to the piano and took a seat.

Everyone in the room was shocked! The love triangle in the rumour was now on the stage, ready to perform together. What was this supposed to mean?

Some wondered if this was one of Rufus's business strategy to gain fame by becoming the hot topic all over the news.

Most of the crowd was curiously drawn to Cassandra, who, on the other hand, had no idea about what she was supposed to do. She had simply been dragged onto the stage, mindlessly, and then, asked to sing!

Even though part of her was pretty confident about her singing skills; truth was, she had never sung in front of so many people. The most she did was sometimes to hum and sing to herself in solitude.

Once, Rufus had joked saying she sang so well that she could even release an album of her own. Of course, she rejected the idea right away. She didn't want to become a publicly scrutinised singer. All she wanted was to work at her desk, drawing her sketches.

She found herself most relaxed working with the pen and the paper in silence, or making use of the design applications on the computer. It was almost meditative for her.

But in the moment, Cassandra had no chance to retreat. The mic was right in front of her, and hundreds of people were waiting for her to give them a performance. If she flinched, wouldn't she be viewed as a coward by the others in the industry?

What would they think of her—the head of the Qin Group wasn't even willing to sing a song at the charity dinner?

She couldn't let this happen!

'Never mind, just give it all!' she said to herself.

She closed her eyes and drew a deep breath, preparing herself.

The crowd went quiet, all their eyes fixed on Cassandra.

"In that misty morning when I saw your smiling face.

You only looked at me and I was yours.

But when I turned around, you were nowhere to be seen.

You had walked away and closed the door.

When will I see you again;

When will the sky start to rain;

When will the stars start to shine;

When will I know that you're mine..."

The song she sang was called 'Fairy Tale.' Her voice was smooth and clear, like a nightingale. Every note, every tune, every syllable came out perfectly. It was almost as if she was a professional vocalist.

There was no hints of forced fanciness in her voice, no impure sounds. One could confidently

lly, and wanted to help her win the battle.

"Okay, go to the VIP room 6. I will tell Rufus to go there later. Cassandra is likely to follow."

Michelle cocked her eyebrows conspicuously. She wasn't particularly fond of Amanda. All she wanted was to use Amanda to kick Cassandra out of the way.

Amanda didn't hesitate for a single second before agreeing to Michelle's plan. Heeding her instructions, she quickly headed toward the VIP room.

After settling the business with Amanda, Michelle arranged a reporter to conduct a personal interview with Cassandra. Like she had planned, the reporter pulled Cassandra away from the crowd to ask her some questions.

At the same time, when Rufus was no where around Cassandra, he was suddenly approached by someone.

"Mr. Luo, Miss Ke was in VIP room 6. She isn't feeling too well. Since you are the organiser of the event, would you like to visit her and see what's wrong?"

Rufus raised his eye brows, genuinely taken in by the information.

He recalled Amanda was actually sick. Despite that, she had come to perform. Indeed, her performance had turned out to be the selling point of the event.

Plus, the performance assessment was Lionel's work. He had invited Amanda and changed the programme. 'Perhaps, he was trying to use Amanda against me, ' he thought.

"Alright, I will go see her. Thank you," Rufus said, nodding.

He glanced at Cassandra from a distance, who was still being interviewed.

'Well, it won't take long. I'll be back quickly, ' he thought and finished his drink in a single go. Bearing that thought in mind, he strode toward the room Amanda was in.

Cassandra's interview ended at the same time. "Miss Qin, thank you so much for this interview. I wish the best for Qin Group!"

The reported shook hands with Cassandra and left. She turned her head to look for Rufus, but couldn't find him.

She went to the spot where they had last talked and kept looking around. All she could see was some people clearing the stage and decorations in the hall. Rufus was no where to be seen.

"Miss Qin..." Someone approached her. "Mr. Luo has gone to VIP room 6. He has asked you to see him there," he continued.

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