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   Chapter 237 She Was Cassandra

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Cassandra hadn't expected Rufus to mention her name in front of everyone. She was surprised to hear him talk about her, not knowing how to react.

Everyone around turned toward her, staring at her face, smiling. All of a sudden, she was the centre of attraction.

She looked up at Rufus, who gently smiled at her, encouraging her.

"Cassandra is an excellent architectural designer. She has a great structural understanding of old, condemned buildings, which the rescue team benefited from immensely. It was because of her that they were able to locate the injured in such little time. I believe many of you have heard her story. We should be proud to have such a talented and conscientious designer in this industry!"

Rufus said and clapped, nodding his head. Everyone followed him and soon, the entire space reverberated with a loud applause.

People who were merely curious about who Cassandra was, now all stood admiring her.

Suddenly, Cassandra realized why Rufus had mentioned her. One, he was trying to raise funds for the revitalization of A City. Two, he wanted to seize this opportunity to make people more aware of Cassandra and what kind of person she really was, driving away all their misconceptions.

Rufus and Cassandra were the only two people from the Union who had gone to the earthquake-struck areas and taken part in the rescue work. Naturally, they were the only ones qualified to make a speech at the banquet.

Cassandra gazed at Rufus gratefully. The applause was so overwhelming. It made her blush.

"I really hope everyone here would donate money generously to contribute to the post-earthquake reconstruction of A City. I vouch for Tang Group. We will donate a hundred million and also propose to build a new, earthquake-proof library for the citizens of A City,"

Rufus declared firmly. The very way with which he talked conveyed what an excellent leader he was. Everyone in the room respected him not just because he was their superior but also because he was extremely humble and intelligent.

Lionel was amazed! 100 million! Did Tang Group even have that much money? Plus, Lionel hadn't heard about the board's approval regarding this donation.

Rufus beamed at the cheering people and got off the stage, as the curtains opened slowly behind him. One by one, the performers and singers emerged, transforming the vibe of the place completely into a kind of grand celebration.

Rufus walked to make his way to Cassandra through the crowd. Every few steps, someone would stop him to shake his hand or give him a pat on the back. Yet, his eyes remained fixed on Cassandra, with a constantly smiling mouth.

"How did you like the surprise?"

Rufus asked, brushing her forearm slightly.

"Thank you, Rufus."

She grabbed his hand and wrote on his palm with her finger.

Cassandra didn't utter a single word, instead kept staring at him lovingly. It was one of those moments when the silence spoke for itself.

Interrupting their dreamy exchange, Lionel emerged from behind Rufus, grabbing his shoulder.

"Rufus! How could you make a declarati

still looked like a beautiful princess, standing apart from everyone.

She held a mic in her hands and smiled sweetly at everyone with crinkling eyes.

"Hello everyone! The song I just played is dedicated to all the kind businessmen out here! Without your help, the reconstruction of A City wouldn't have started so smoothly. I am extremely grateful for your support and generosity."

Her voice was as sweet as a nightingale. Mesmerized by her, people started to nod their heads, smiling back at her and raising their glasses, cheering.

"Now, I'd like to have one of you to come to the stage and perform with me! Someone who can represent everyone and send our condolences and wishes to the disaster-struck area."

People talked among each other, wondering who would be the lucky one.

Amanda's face lit up as she finally spotted Rufus, standing far away in the back.

"I would like to invite the organizer of tonight's charity banquet, the president of Tang Group, Mr. Rufus Luo to perform a duet with me. Make some noise for Rufus, everyone!"

Amanda gestured Rufus to join her on the stage as an assistant swiftly placed another chair next to her own.

Everyone looked back at Rufus expectantly and waited for him to join Amanda, making way for him.

Rufus's nostrils flared as he clenched his fists. The blue-green veins accentuated on his forehead.

He knew Amanda was doing all this on purpose.

He hadn't arranged for Amanda to perform. Someone had changed the programme schedule without consulting him.

Rufus felt Lionel's smug gaze upon him from the side. He smiled cunningly at Rufus, a look of accomplishment all over his face.

Rufus understood what had conspired. It was Lionel.

This seemed like one of his cheap tricks to embarrass him in public.

Just a while ago, Rufus had made the declaration about Cassandra and now, Lionel was making him perform alongside Amanda, his rumoured girlfriend.

What a vicious bastard! He knew Rufus wouldn't ruin the banquet by denying. It was a trap Rufus had no way to come out of.

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