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   Chapter 236 Please Respect Us (Part Two)

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After a short moment's silence, Cassandra asked. For a second, she panicked thinking there must be something wrong with Rufus's leg. 'Maybe his leg hurts which is why he is unable to drive, ' her anxious mind guessed. Immediately, she directed her eyes on his leg and got ready to bend forward in order to check on him.

Before she could move much, Rufus clutched her with his strong hand. He held her chin with his other hand. Slowly, he leaned forward and gave her a passionate kiss.

The street was filled with people. Even though the windows were up, Cassandra still felt very self conscious and shy.

"Cassandra, right now I just had a taste of your lipstick. But tonight, I will be eating you completely," Rufus confessed with a smirk.

And his eyes were glinting with pleasure. His words and his actions brought a scarlet red tint to her cheeks. Gingerly, she pushed Rufus away and turned her face to the window. She couldn't bear looking into his enticing eyes.

Seeing her cute reaction, Rufus chuckled. He finally withdrew his gaze from her and started the car. They slowly drove to the hotel that held the charity event.

When they arrived there, they noticed it was already packed with people. Since both of their names were on the invitation list, they were instantly allowed to enter inside.

Everyone present in the hall were dressed in black. It was their way of mourning and showing respect to those who lost their lives during the deadly earthquake.

Even the decoration of the hall was plain and simple. No gaudy colors were used for anything. 'Whoever decorated this place did an amazing job, ' thought Cassandra. It was elegant yet it retained the gravity of the tragedy.

Rufus was dressed in a sleek black suit that made him look striking. Cassandra's black dress complemented his outfit. Rufus was tall and collected whereas Cassandra was petite and soft. As soon as they walked inside, many pairs of eyes fell on them.

Cassandra caught a glimpse of some people looking towards her and whispering among their friends. And to be honest, it made her edgy and restless. She had no idea what they were talking about. But she knew it couldn't be good. Gossips spread like a wildfire and Cassandra fell victim to it several times. Last time, she was ordained by Ivy to apologize in front of so many people. Even now her cheeks flushed with humiliation at the thought of this. She felt a sudden urge to leave and began to regret her decision to attend this event.

Rufus must have felt her hesitation and distress. He put his large hands on her, trying to silently comfort her.

"Don't worry. Nothing bad will happen to you while I am

ake. I went there looking for the most valuable person of my life. But once I arrived there, I realized how indifferent I was towards other's misery. That's when it struck me how trivial my personal need was when compared to their sufferings. I felt a wave of guilt surge through my body. I realized how little I cared about others."

While he spoke these words, Rufus relived that day. He remembered how overwhelmed he was when he first arrived at A City. It seemed like the manifestation of a nightmare. Everyone was scattered around crying for their loved ones. Suddenly, he found himself so small under the mother nature.

"I was a volunteer there for some time. We donated as much as we could but it just wasn't enough. The needs have always outweighed the resources. I remember how helpless I felt then. While I was there, I also got an opportunity to see how hard the rescue teams work to save people. And I have also witnessed the pain they go through when they watch lives being lost. I was there to hear people sob after they lost their dear ones. And I was also there to watch the tears of joy stream down the eyes of the family being reunited. And in that moment, I swore to myself that I would do something for them after I got back to G City."

Suddenly, Rufus turned his eyes on Cassandra. She discerned a dazzling bright light shining in his eyes.

"And while I had this experience, there was someone who was by my side. And her actions moved me deeply. No matter what difficulty she encountered, she never gave up. Her determination and enthusiasm to make a change was laudable. She helped the rescue team on saving lives by offering them her professional knowledge. And we are lucky to have her here with us tonight. She is none other than Cassandra Qin!"

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