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   Chapter 235 Please Respect Us (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-06-03 10:34

It took a few moments for Michelle to register Cassandra's words. 'What did she mean by that? Hadn't Rufus told her about his real identity yet? How is this possible?' wondered Michelle. 'Why wouldn't he tell Cassandra how prosperous and rich he actually is?

Or could it be that Cassandra wants to conceal her knowledge from me?' she guessed confusedly.

Michelle wasn't sure which one was the truth. Anyway, she shrugged off these thoughts and came back to the matter. She was determined to end Rufus and Cassandra's relationship once and for all.

"I don't know if you are pretending or not, Cassandra. To be honest, I don't care. I know that you are a lovely girl and you deserve love. In fact, I believe everyone deserves love. But as for me, my biggest concern is Rufus's reputation and his future. So I can't allow the two of you to be together anymore. I know this must be hard for you. But try to accept this and leave him alone,"

Michelle warned harshly. As she declared this, she stared into Cassandra's eyes with a piercing look. There was a note of finality in her tone and Cassandra felt it too. 'I can't let her sabotage Rufus's reputation. His career is his number one priority. No matter how much he loves her, I can't watch his career perish, ' thought Michelle with a sigh. She felt relieved after speaking out her heart.

Deep down, Michelle knew that Cassandra was a compassionate and kind girl. She had nothing against her nor did she dislike her. But rumors were insidious and cruel hence she concluded that they were by no means good for both of their reputations. So when it came to this, Michelle wanted to ensure Rufus's reputation was untarnished. Her concern for Rufus was understandable. And she had no regrets for blurting out her true feelings.

"Michelle, I respect you very much. But what you want me to do is something I am not capable of doing. I want you to respect the decision Rufus and I have taken. We are together because we love each other dearly. And as a couple, we have been through a lot of hardships already. And I am fully aware that this journey won't be smooth. I am predicting many obstacles in the coming future. In spite of this, I am not willing to give up on us. No matter what happens, we will fight the hurdles in life together. I really hope that we can get our families' blessing,"

Cassandra said in a very humble tone. She looked back at Michelle politely as she

he got out of the building, she found Rufus waiting for her in his car.

"H-how are you...I thought your leg..." Cassandra's voice trailed off as she gaped at Rufus.

He was sitting on the driver's seat nonchalantly. Cassandra couldn't believe her own eyes. Yesterday, Rufus couldn't even walk without her assistance. It seemed impossible for him to get through the day without her support. But now he was gracefully driving the car. Cassandra's bewildered face depicted her shock.

"Hey Cassandra, I am perfectly fine so don't worry about it. Well, I just couldn't let my princess go to this big event in a taxi. Jump right in or else we will be late!" He came around and curtly pushed the car door open for her.

His eyes scrutinized Cassandra from head to toe. In this black dress, she looked ravishing.

The dress was simple but chic. After all, she was going to a charity event, not a fashion show. There was a flower shaped design right in front of her chest, making the outfit even more sophisticated. Rufus couldn't understand how she had managed to pick a dress that was both elegant and suitable for the occasion. There was something about the color black that made her skin look smoother and lovelier. All in all, Rufus found it hard to peel his eyes off her face. He had a sudden urge to embrace her, but somehow suppressed this desire.

Cassandra, on the other hand, was both stunned and touched by his gesture. Finally, she got inside the car. But Rufus didn't turn his face away from her. He continued to admire her beauty. Cassandra was oblivious of the effect she had on him.

"What's wrong?"

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