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   Chapter 234 Be A Good Girl

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"What kind of reward?"

Cassandra asked casually, all the while working with her hands.

Rufus's sculpted body and smooth skin glowed in the sunlight. While he was basking in his radiance, Cassandra tried hard to keep still and not to lose herself in his aura.

"Hmm… Well, the reward... is me."

Rufus swiftly turned and effectively pinned her down. The little woman couldn't move at all.

"Please let me go…"

"Now be a good girl and take a nap with me."

"But..but the bed is way too small for the two of us. I'll go upstairs and sleep there..."

Cassandra was caught in a dilemma, a hot one at that. She wasn't sure what to do.

The bed wasn't designed to fit two people. It was impossible for them to sleep beside each other; what Rufus meant was that she could lie down on his chest. But what if she accidentally hurt his injured leg?

His injuries hadn't fully healed yet. The thought of him still needing her for support when walking filled her with worry.

Rufus quickly realized that her hesitation stemmed from his injuries. But... Despite his broken leg, he had his ways.

Light streamed through the satin curtains and shed its radiance on the pair tangled on the bed. A golden mist surrounded the couple as the sunshine refracted.

"Your leg…"

Cassandra was about to go on a tirade about his injuries, but was rudely interrupted by his lips—effectively sealing her mouth, yet passionately.

They were everything that a couple was. They were, however, oblivious of the nearby voyeur who dilligently monitored all their actions…

Cassandra was more lively these days. All the employees in the company could attest to her glow.

Women in love were bound to change something in their lives, one way or another. Cassandra was proof of that. She had become even more attractive. Her look seemed more mature, and being in love had done wonders for her beauty.

Her office door swung open and her assistant peeked in and reported, "Manager Qin, someone by the name of Ling is looking for you."

The assistant beamed with a big smile at Cassandra, full of admiration. This was the first time she ever saw Michelle in person. 'So that is Michelle Lin, the well-known dress designer!' she exclaimed inwardly. 'God, I cannot believe I see her here in the Qin Group!'

"Well, invite her in!"

Caught off-guard by Michelle's suddent visit, Cassandra quickly groomed herself to get ready for the meeting.

Michelle was Rufus's aunt. When Rufus was still in physical therapy, Jasper and she visited him several ti

hermore, the Tang Family had no idea that Rufus owned TY Group.

The very reason he chose to stay with the Tang Group, at least from what Michelle understood, was to help the company get through the rough times. It was unacceptable to Michelle if Rufus failed to meet his goal because of Cassandra.

However, little did Michelle know about the true intention of Rufus as to why he remained in the Tang Family. She foolishly believed that the conflict derived solely from Cassandra.

"Michelle, I'd like to take this chance to tell you that I'm really not the reason for their rivalry. They're competing based on their business acumen. Surely I can persuade him to get off his brother's case, and even try to get along with the Tang Family. But, just how can I do that if you're asking me to end things with him?"

As she spoke, her eyes welled up.

It wasn't an easy thing to separate two people deeply in love. They were each other's home. No matter how carefully they separated from each other, they were bound to feel intense pain.

"Cassandra, just tell me already. What would it take for you to agree to leave Rufus?"

Michelle sneered Cassandra after being so blunt.

"Both you and I know how much Rufus is worth and how rich he is. Just give me a number. I'll write a cheque this instant!"

Her brows darted up and her nostrils flared. Michelle glared at the little woman, believing that money was the driving force of Cassandra's resolve for keeping their relationship alive.

"You've got it all wrong. If I truly wanted money, I wouldn't have divorced Lionel, and I definitely wouldn't have taken up the mantle in the Qin Group as well!" Cassandra exclaimed breathlessly.

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