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   Chapter 233 Why Didn't You Take Off Some Clothes

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It had been a month since Rufus finally got discharged from the hospital. His injuries had surprisingly recovered faster than what was usual. Even the doctors were impressed by how fast he recovered.

The entire month, Cassandra had stayed in Garden Villa to take care of him. No one from the Tang family cared enough to check up on him. They didn't even know he was discharged and back to the villa. Sometimes, Horace would call him to ask him whether he could visit him. However, Rufus always refused, saying he didn't want anyone to bother him in the hospital.

"Why don't you bring back all your stuff here?"

Rufus furrowed his eyebrows and looked at Cassandra. She had only gotten some change clothes back to the villa.

"These clothes are enough. I will bring back other stuff later."

Considering Rufus was still recovering, Cassandra didn't want to risk annoying him. Actually, she had no intention of coming back to Garden Villa.

They could live together for the time being, but moving back here would mean accepting Rufus's proposal. And she didn't want to be in a marriage that wasn't blessed.

She could accept the wedding celebration to be low-key but it still had to be warm and sweet. How could she marry him without the blessings and support of their families?

"If you think moving back would be inconvenient and tiring, I can ask someone to help you,"

Rufus said. He was confused as to why she was putting it off further.

"It's fine. Let's wait until you completely recover."

Cassandra had decided to put her cards on the table and speak with complete honesty only after he got better.

Rufus, however, had mixed feelings about what was on Cassandra's mind. On one hand, she took so much care of him and did all the housework, and on the other, she rejected him.

And yet, Rufus could do nothing about it.

Wasn't it fascinating? The day had finally come. A man like Rufus didn't know how to handle a woman, anymore. He had never imagined there would come a day when he would feel so helpless.

"I heard you joined the Union of Real Estate?"

Victor had told Rufus about it. He was slightly hurt, since he had gotten to know this from someone other than her. She used to share everything with him.

The contract Cassandra signed to join the Union was drafted by Arthur. Even Arthur got to know it before Rufus. He felt disappointed and betrayed.

"Uh-huh. I hope Qin Group can have a brighter future."

Cassandra hadn't expected Rufus to bring this up. She found it strange and kept looking at him with a sheepish, confused smile.

Rufus remained quiet for a while, wondering whether he should confront her or not. "Why didn't you tell me?" he asked, finally.

He hated that he had to act like a gossipy woman, asking for all the trivial details of her life. But Cassan

s going to be sick."

Cassandra turned around, ready to leave; Rufus grabbed her arm, pulling her into the bed.

"Please don't leave."

The bedroom he was staying in now used to be a study. It didn't have a lot of space. A single bed was all they could fit in there. Cassandra would sleep in the bedroom on the second floor. They hadn't slept together for a long, long time.

Presently, she could feel the warmth emancipating from Rufus's hand. Her heart started to beat faster as she tried to pull her hand out of his grip, failing.

"Rufus, you haven't recovered…"

Of course, Cassandra knew what Rufus was thinking. Thinking about his injured leg, she rejected the idea.

"Oh no, no. You misunderstand me. I just want you to massage my back. I feel some pain between my shoulders and my waist,"

Rufus suppressed what he actually wanted and teased Cassandra. Her face instantly turned redder.

She felt so embarrassed, blaming herself for thinking the other way. Poor Rufus had been sleeping in the same position for days due to the injury. He couldn't turn over in the bed at will. Obviously, he was in no position to have sex with her. Why would she even think about it?

Plus, the doctor had told Cassandra to massage his back as much as possible. She had completely forgotten!

"Oh...let me help you turn over."

Feeling guilty, Cassandra bent down and held up Rufus.

By the time she turned him, she had already broken into a sweat. Still, she massaged his back, all the way from his shoulders to the end of his spine.

The muscles on Rufus's shoulders were so strong and her hands started to cramp just after a few minutes.

Rufus could tell Cassandra was tired. He smiled playfully at her and said, "Why don't you sit on my back? That way, I'll feel more comfortable and you won't get tired.

Also, If you massage well, you will get a reward!"

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