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   Chapter 232 Who Harmed Rufus (Part Two)

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"It seems that Mr. Tang is very considerate towards the company's employees. The Tang Group is facing a changeable market, so no one knows what kind of troubles the company will run into if the belt isn't being tightened. If there isn't a strong management system to discipline employees, I'm afraid our company will meet many unnecessary problems," Rufus replied.

He and all the board members knew why Lionel opposed this proposal. It was because he had made more mistakes than anyone else present. Naturally, he was not willing to accept the consequence of this proposal.

Being the senior executive in Tang Group, no one dared to oppose Lionel and dictated the company's regulations. However, once this new rule was implemented, both high executives and employees must abide by it. Lionel was usually late for work and always left early. But with the new system, he couldn't do this anymore.

"I agree with Mr. Luo. Now it is important for our company to create a stronger leadership. The rules stipulated by Mr. Luo are not rigid. They are only common regulations and rules that every company abides by. So there is no need for us to worry about these rules, as we don't break them,"

one of the directors expressed his support for Rufus. Seeing this director's response, other directors also showed their standpoints for the proposal one after another.

"It certainly does. Besides, the regulation is also reasonable, which can manage our company's better."

"You are right. This regulation will also strengthen the self-discipline of our employees."


All the directors supported Rufus. Seeing this, Lionel went purple with rage, realising how unpopular he was.

Rufus had expected such a scene, so he was not surprised at all.

If Lionel was a good manager and Tang Group developed well under his leadership, he would certainly get the support of all, including directors and employees. However, Lionel was unwilling to waste huge amounts of energy and time on the business—he was only interested in the finances and pocketing them. He was inevitably giving rise to complaints from those lower executives and employees.

"Let's vote on the proposal," Rufus suggested.

Sitting as president, he waved. "Everyone for?...everyone against?" Although his legs were severely injured, Rufus still insisted on presiding over the meeting. The directors esteemed hi

accident should never happen to me. I have been driving so many years, and I have massive amount of experience in handling stressful situation. There is something wrong with this, ' he thought.

The real reason for the accident was a car suddenly came out from his side, at the intersection. His first reaction was to turn the steering wheel to avoid the car, thus hitting a nearby stone wall.

This vehicle involved in this accident quickly disappeared from sight before Rufus could even catch a glimpse of the model of the car.

After the accident, he went into a coma. He always felt something was amiss. 'Why didn't the traffic police who were in charge of this accident tell me about the the suspicious facts? In addition, the accident reports which the traffic police filled out stated I drove recklessly. Nothing was there about another driver, Why?

But now there is no evidence that someone deliberately crashed my car. I have to slowly collect evidences by myself. I must find out who did it, ' he thought.

However, Rufus felt a little puzzled in his mind. He was sure that it was definitely not an ordinary car accident. That car was gone as if it had never appeared. How strange it was!

"Please continue to investigate the accident. Search for the surveillance videos of those intersections and streets connecting to the Garden Road. Be sure to find a red car. Someone must know something,"

Rufus gave his order to Victor who wore a serene look and nodded in understanding.

Lost in his own thoughts again, Rufus wondered, 'Who on earth would want to harm me?'

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