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   Chapter 231 Who Harmed Rufus (Part One)

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Cassandra had been unfocused and absent-minded all day at work. When her assistant spoke to her, she would lose concentration and ask the assistant to repeat the whole lot all over again. She was also slow to react that she would ask the same question three times after the assistant had already answered it.

"Manager Qin? Are you okay?"

Seeing Cassandra in such a state, the assistant was extremely concerned. Her boss had never been in such a mind state before. Lionel, her ex-husband used to verbally abuse her and embarrass her, but through it all, she kept focus and composed. Cassandra was so intelligent and capable that her assistant aspired to be her. Dreaming of the day she would look and react as her boss did. However, today would not be one of those days. It was as though aliens abducted her and left their replacement instead.

"Yes, thanks, I'm fine...well go on," said Cassandra roboticly.

Cassandra motioned her assistant to continue. She, however, was still thinking about Rufus who left the hospital for the meeting at the Tang Group.

Earlier in the hospital, Rufus had demanded to be discharged. The doctor finally resigned himself to allow him to fill out a release agreement as he would be going on his own liability. She wondered what was so important that Rufus would risk his health for? What was he doing now? He was determined and had more stamina than any man she knew. This would overpower his pain and drive him to complete what he needed to.

Coming in and out of her thoughts, Cassandra was only to casually reply to her assistant.

Cassandra was very worried about his health, but she had no way of convincing him. When he put his mind to do something, Rufus would never surrender his stance, and not even if hell snowed over.

Rufus gave her a smile as he saw the concern on her beautiful face and said to her in an affirmative tone, "I'm fine. Don't worry about me. I'll go back to the hospital after the meeting. Don't think much about it, okay?"

He stretched his hands out of his car, grasping her hands. He he

!" stated Lionel defiantly.

Suddenly a voice broke the silence. All eyes turned to look at the speaker. Lionel was standing up with an angry look on his face.

"I don't think this kind of military style of management is suitable for our company. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes. Besides, these rules are far too severe. This will break down the team building and the harmony that has taken us so long to establish," Lionel spoke confidently.

He frowned, looking very discontented with this decision.

The proposal announced was on the new management plan they had discussed before. The responsibility system was about to be implemented in Tang Group. To be more exact, if one employee made a mistake, he was to accept the corresponding punishment, including deducting bonuses, and cancelling vacations for less serious offences; if far more serious occurrences took place, they could even be dismissed by the company.

Lionel thought, 'I'm busy talking business with clients, but unfortunately I can't establish business relationships or clench any deals. I don't take some matters to be serious as I will sometimes bend the rules. If one day I were to make a mistake in any aspects, someone would take it as a handle against me. I will be dismissed by the company under the new system. At that time, I will suffer. So I must stop such matters from being passed.'

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