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   Chapter 230 The Intimate Couple

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Rufus turned serious all of a sudden as Cassandra washed his back.

"Why do you have so many scars on your back? What happened?"

Cassandra hadn't noticed all of Rufus's scars until today. While most of them had already faded, they still didn't disappear completely.

She'd never seen his back this close when they were together before. 'Why did he have so many scars?'

"I fell from a cliff and got caught with one of the branches so those are scratches,"

Rufus said nonchalantly. He didn't say more but it was obvious that there was definitely more to the story.

Cassandra scrutinized the scars closely. She reached out and stroked them. The scars were flat on the skin so they couldn't be felt by the hand but the discoloration against the skin was a bit alarming. This was definitely a serious injury before.

"Does it hurt?"

Cassandra reluctantly held the shower head in her left hand and used the other to stroke Rufus's scars. Her fingers brushed the marks carefully, afraid that Rufus might get hurt.

What happened? Rufus wasn't telling her anything—he was mysterious like that and Cassandra's heart longed for him.

"No. Do you feel bad for me?"

Rufus asked with a smile on his face. He cocked his head to the side and gazed at Cassandra.

"Should I?" Cassandra pouted.

Rufus thought she was adorable for caring enough to touch his scars. Did she really believe that Rufus couldn't do anything just because he broke one leg?

"You're not making any sense. If you don't stop, you're going to have to take a shower on your own!"

Cassandra's face reddened as she tossed the shower head into Rufus's hand.

He wouldn't stop making fun of her even if all she was trying to do was help him! Well, if this was how he was going to be then she might as well just leave him to himself.

Cassandra turned around to leave but Rufus grabbed her arm to pull her towards him.

"Come on, let's finish what you started,"

Rufus said, smiling. Cassandra could tell that he was only teasing her.

"No, I'm leaving!"

He'd been teasing her a lot these past few days and she wasn't sure if she was still okay with it.

"Come on, don't get mad now. We'll be getting married soon!"

Rufus had to keep himself from laughing but hard as he tried, he still couldn't get the smile off his face.

"Wow, you've got some nerve!"

Reluctantly Cassandra had to help him finish his shower.

an even better job than me. And I can work as a designer then."

Cassandra was looking forward to the future. She would appoint Cloris as the president of the Qin Group while she focused on what she loved best—designing. While they waited for their father to get out of prison, Cloris and Cassandra could run the company together.

Rufus gazed at her silently.

"What? You think that's too long? Don't worry, I'll still marry you even if you're old and gray by then. I'll still love you, okay?"

Cassandra said, teasing him.

Rufus forced out a smile. He reached out to pull her into his arms and heaved a quiet sigh.

He couldn't help but frown at the thought of Cloris being included in Cassandra's future especially after what she'd done to her. Cloris hired someone to drug Cassandra so that she could get some naked photos of Cassandra. She had always despised Cassandra. Rufus thought Cassandra to be too naive to still include Cloris in her plans in the hope of getting along.

Why did she love and value her family so much?

Vernon didn't care much for her, Edith forced her into a loveless marriage with Lionel, and Cloris wasn't very nice to her either, obviously. Even after all of this, she still wanted to include her family in her future.

She had planned well for everyone in the Qin family and would prefer to work as a designer behind the scenes afterwards.

Rufus lowered his head to kiss Cassandra on the forehead before falling into a deep sleep, blissfully happy to have Cassandra in his arms.

They fell asleep holding each other, like the most intimate couple, ever.

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