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   Chapter 229 Help Me Showering

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The clock that hung on the wall of the hospital room tickled 7 o' clock, and it was a cold evening. The spring rain kept falling outside while Cassandra was busy with peeling an apple for Rufus. Enticed by the look of the fresh fruits, she added some oranges and bananas, placed them on a plate and handed it to Rufus.

"Can you help me eat these fruits?"

Rufus popped out a request as he lovingly looked at her.

Hesitant at first, Cassandra opened her mouth to refuse but was held silent on second thought. After all, he was a patient and she should take care of him. Carefully, she cut the fruits into smaller pieces with her fruit knife, picked a small piece and lifted it gently to his mouth.

"No, I want you to feed me using your mouth!" Rufus blurted a silly request and refused to take the apple on the toothpick.

With an intimidating expression in his eyes, Rufus smiled a little and looked at Cassandra.

"Alright, I bet you don't want to eat any fruit for now!"

With a heavy hand, Cassandra put the fruit plate on the table and decided not to bear with him again. The more she yearned to him, the eager he was in teasing her.

'What a greedy man you are, Rufus, ' Cassandra cursed silently.

Seeing that she was pissed off, Rufus reached out for her hands to give her a hug. But Cassandra was so annoyed that she didn't want any body contact with him. She struggled with all her might to free herself from Rufus's grasp. When all of a sudden, Rufus let out an alarming gasp, "Ouch! My leg!"

Showing a miserable expression on his face, Rufus knitted his eyebrows and puckered his lips. Cassandra relaxed her body and stopped struggling in his arms. She held her breath because she was so nervous at what might cause the pain in Rufus.

Rufus chuckled silently and heaved a sigh of content. Realizing that he was joking with her, Cassandra stared at him with eyes in a huff.

"Why are you staring at me that way, my little frog?"

Feeling silly like a child, Rufus lifted the corner of his mouth and cracked a charming smile at her. He was trying to calm her down using his charm. But for Cassandra, his efforts were futile and his words still sounded ironic.

"Hmm, to see where you can go, big fly!" Cassandra contradicted immediately.

Still annoyed by his prank, Cassandra kept fixing her stony stare at Rufus, blaming him for his unreasonableness and unusual behavior. She stayed with him almost twenty-four hours a day; because of his injuries, Cassandra couldn't leave him alone and had to do everything he asked her to do.

These past few days, she was always late to work in the morning and left her office early in the afternoon. With her performance, she believed that her image of being an excellent boss had been ruined. Despite all these, she didn't regret a thing, because Rufus was more important than anything else.

"Well, the big fly wants meat…"

Carelessly, Rufus never minded what she said. He gazed at her bare neck and ran his eyes down her chest.

"No way!" Cassandra shouted straightaway.

Her cheeks turned crimson red as she put her hands around her neck hurriedly and glared at him as if her eyesight was burning.

It was ridiculous of him to run his eyes like that when he was still lying on the sickbed

to hold back his laughter, but the smile in his eyes betrayed him. Rufus was confident that Cassandra would finally give in and agree to do what he asked her to do. He just looked at her readily.

Actually, he was taking advantage of his injury this time. Cassandra said that she wanted a break up the other day, so now he was trying to show his sovereignty over her.

Meanwhile, Cassandra was feeling really awkward, wondering where had gone wrong.

With beads of sweats forming on her forehead, she found that her throat was dry and she could utter no word as she was taking off Rufus's clothes for him. She couldn't stand every movement of him. Especially the way he stared at her, it was as if his eyes could swallow her whole. She was so nervous that her body was tense all over.

Feeling weak in her knees, Cassandra felt that she would collapse in any second.

"Okay, let me show you how to take care of me!" Rufus said drowsily.

However, Cassandra didn't listen to him. She turned on the water, adjusted the temperature and sprayed him with warm water directly.

Having no time to respond, Rufus got his face thoroughly wet, and he had to wipe the water off his face with his hands.

"What are you doing, little woman!" he muttered.

Through the spray of warm water, Rufus was smiling at her, but the expression in his eyes was too far for Cassandra to see through.

"Nothing! And you won't get me wet right now just because I accidentally sprayed water onto your face, right? After all, I've been here with you for the past few days!" she asked in a panic.

Gingerly, she retreated back a step from the shower, wondering what he would do to her.

"Of course not. You're turning my word around, honey. I think I need to appreciate what you did," Rufus replied.

Then he waved to her, instructing her to get closer.

"Come here. How could you take care of me, if you stand miles away from me?"

Still tense all over, Cassandra moved inch by inch towards him. Rufus got a little impatient for her hesitation, without any warning, he reached out his arms and puller her to him.

"Please shower my back for me. I can't reach!" he said in a low voice.

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