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   Chapter 227 I Want To See Cassandra

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"What news have you got? What happened to the Dawn Star Group?" Horace asked.

He had a feeling that something was not right, and he frowned.

Rufus's face turned pale, but he managed to maintain his composure and tried his best to look firm and confident.

"Anyway, be careful. And speed up the progress of the cases that we have now," ordered Rufus.

He didn't want to relay everything out but instead gave a warning.

Even though all the Tang family members came to empathize, no one really cared like a family member except for Horace. Ivy and Lionel were sitting at the sofa of the VIP patient ward. They preferred doing nothing than speaking to Rufus. Jill wore a smile throughout, but her smile was so cold and disdainful, and to some extent, she seemed to take pleasure in his suffering.

The visitors came and went; each of them pretended to care for him, but actually, none of them really did.

Amanda was sensitive enough to feel the awkward atmosphere in the room. Out of her instincts, she chatted with Horace to break the awkwardness.

Horace glanced at Rufus. Seeing the cold expression on his face, he diverted his eyes to the family members he brought with him, sighed silently, and stood up to take his leave.

Lionel together with Jill and Ivy, all felt relieved at the thought of leaving and followed Horace out.

The noisy ward soon quieted down and Rufus enjoyed the silence. He just sat on the bed, his face devoid of any emotions.

"Rufus, what happened to you?"

With a caring look, Amanda drew closer to the man.

His eyes swept across the room and fixed at one spot. His entire body stiffened.

He gazed at the sofa where Lionel and Ivy had sat. In the corner of the sofa, there was a lady's wind jacket with beige and purplish blue patterns.

He knew this jacket! It belonged to Cassandra!

Suddenly, he felt his blood flowing backward. Why would her jacket be in this room? She had been here!

While Rufus was still fumbling his thoughts, Jasper and Michelle pushed the door open. They were relieved to see Rufus awake and was now able to sit up.

"Rufus, finally you are awake! We were so worried!"

Michelle walked towards Rufus with a much-relaxed face now.

"Where's Cassandra?"

Rufus asked, trying his best to suppress his emotions.

"Gone! She's gone!"

Michelle was not happy to hear about Cassandra. The mention of her name was like a weight in her chest. After all, it was Cassandra who caused the car accident. Moreover, the idea that Rufus asked about the woman the moment he woke up heightened her displeasure for Cassandra.

"Was she here the whole time?"

Rufus asked further. At the sight of her clothes, he was able to confirm that she had indeed stayed with him in this room.

"What if I say yes Rufus? I was supporting your relationship at the very start. But now just take a look at yourself. You have always been cautious and calm. How could the two of you even quarrel to the point that you got into a car accident? How can I convince myself that she will be a good partner for you?"

The more Michelle ranted, the more dissatisfied she became.

Jasper was sensing the start

Cassandra turned around and covered her ears with her hands so that she couldn't hear nor see what was going on there. She was afraid that she couldn't resist the desire to rush towards his room.

The doctors and nurses managed to get control of the agitated man and prepared to inject some sedatives into his vein. No matter how he yelled or violently struggled, Rufus couldn't overpower the forces of three men that were pinning him down.

A needle pierced into his arm. Slowly, the sedative was injected, and after the fluid in the syringe was drained, Rufus's frantic movements ceased.

When he was finally still and quiet on the bed, the medical personnel exited one by one.

"Keep an eye on him. Don't stir his emotion again; otherwise, his legs will take forever to recover and he will limp for the rest of his life,"

the doctor instructed Michelle in a serious tone. She nodded firmly in return to acknowledge his words.

"Rufus, stay calm. Can't you just wait and look for her after you recover?"

Michelle walked to his bed and sat beside him. Grief-stricken, she looked at Rufus helplessly.

This young man was the flesh and blood left from her dead sister. She almost treated him as the son of her own. However, Rufus was so stubborn and hard-headed. She was so scared that he would be stirred again when he saw Cassandra.

The doctor's instruction still echoed in Michelle's ears. She was apprehensive about letting Rufus meet Cassandra.

"I want to see her now," Rufus demanded.

Though the small dose of medicine pacified him, he still had a clear mind and was resolved to see Cassandra. He had his eyes fixed at Michelle, trying to make something out from her face.

He had the feeling that Michelle knew where Cassandra was, and she could find her!

Michelle found it difficult to make the decision. In a dilemma, she turned her head to Jasper for help, who in turn gave her a nod.

"You must promise me, that even if you see Cassandra, you have to stay calm. Otherwise, your condition is going to worsen."

Michelle was left with no choice but to bargain with Rufus.

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