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   Chapter 226 He Woke Up, But She Was Not There (Part Two)

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Amanda eagerly expressed, wanting Rufus to understand her devotion. The reason behind Rufus's accident was known to Amanda. 'I hold Cassandra responsible for it! While he was driving the car, she called him saying she wanted to break up. If it wasn't for that wretched woman, my Rufus wouldn't be in this condition, ' she thought angrily.

Amanda had done everything to her best ability in order to undermine their relationship. She deliberately made Cassandra misunderstand her relationship with Rufus. It seemed that her plan was finally bearing fruit. Thinking of that, a feeling of joy rose in her heart.

Hearing Amanda's mention of Cassandra, Rufus once again felt a sharp pain.

It evoked the recollection of what had happened right before his accident. Adamantly, Cassandra proposed to break up with him. She seemed so determined to break ties with him that she handed him the key of Garden Villa.

Her aloof attitude aggrieved him. He was struck by the knowledge that Cassandra would give up on their love so easily. However, he still didn't want Amanda to fill the void left by Cassandra. He couldn't possibly love Amanda or any other woman the way he loved Cassandra.

"Amanda, stop acting so childish. You very well know that the woman I love isn't you. I consider you as my sister. Then why are you wasting your time trying to please me? It will never happen!"

Rufus said trying to add some sense into Amanda's mind. Slowly, he tried to pull his hands free from Amanda's grip, but he was too feeble to do it.

"Rufus, I love you from the bottom of my heart. It pains me when you behave so coldly. Nothing you say or do will bring any change to my feelings. I will never give up on you, unlike Cassandra,"

Amanda said emotionally and fixated her tear-filled eyes on Rufus's face.

"Amanda, please don't hurt yourself for my sake. I don't deserve you,"

Rufus replied with a sigh. Amanda was too persistent. No matter what he said, s

Jill and Lionel with Ivy came toward Rufus's ward all arm in arm to pay him their visit.

"Rufus, how are you feeling now?"

Horace promptly asked in a considerate tone. Suddenly, his eyes fell on Amanda.

In the past, Rufus had been cold towards Amanda. Now it seemed that their relationship was developing slowly. Horace was delighted with this knowledge.

Rufus didn't want to show his weakness in front of Tang family. He forced his aching body to sit up.

"I'm fine...this is just a minor damage,"

Rufus said feigning to have strength. The pain at his injured leg was killing him, but he gritted his teeth to stop himself from showing.

"I'm glad to hear that. Take good care of yourself. Lionel will be here to keep you up to date about our business. But Rufus, you are always so prudent. I don't understand how you could have had a car accident in such a remote place!"

Horace had no idea about Rufus's ownership of Garden Villa. He was wondering why he was there.

"I was on the phone with a client and got distracted,"

Rufus explained nonchalantly. He didn't want to push this topic further.

Suddenly, it occurred to him that he got a paper from his assistant before the accident.

"Pay attention to Dawn Star Group. Rumors have it they are coming up with a big plan."

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