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   Chapter 225 He Woke Up, But She Was Not There (Part One)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 6517

Updated: 2019-06-01 01:19

The nurse changed and put up a new IV bottle for Rufus. Michelle, in the meanwhile, accompanied the nurse and sat on the bed where Rufus lay unconscious. Seeing his condition, she was quite perturbed. The doctor had guaranteed that he was going to be fine, but her fear arose from the fact he was still not awake.

Just when she was fretting over Rufus, her phone rang. "I have arrived at the airport. Now please come to fetch me,"

Jasper informed, aloud. It had only been a few seconds since he got off the plane. The cacophony in the airport compelled him to speak loudly. When he learned that Rufus had met with a car accident, he went blank for a few minutes. As soon as he composed himself, he handed over some work and flew back to G City. He remembered his last meeting with Rufus which made him aware how a person's life could change in a blink of an eye.

Once she realized she had to pick Jasper from the airport, Michelle called the nursing assistance. Calmly, she filled her in with details to which some special attention should be paid. Then unwillingly, she left Rufus and headed to the airport. A moment later, Amanda arrived at the hospital to visit Rufus.

Her eyes were watery and she took slow anxious steps. She sat beside him and entwined her fingers with Rufus's lifeless fingers. Affectionately, she stared into his face.

Rufus, who had been unconscious for two days, slowly opened his eyes.

The white ceiling of the inpatient ward came into his sight. Since his eyes were used to darkness, the sudden contact with the bright light made his eyes sore. So he closed them again. He tried to move his heavy body, but failed miserably. The second time he opened his eyes, he noticed a girl sitting next to him.

"Rufus! Finally you're awake!"

Amanda exclaimed excitedly as she tightened her grasp on his hand.

Rufus blinked his eyes several times since he wasn't able to make out who the lady was. Once he under

ssandra, Amanda felt her blood boiling with rage. The lie came out naturally from her mouth. She truly wanted him to believe Cassandra didn't love him enough.

'This is the only way I can make him forget her, ' Amanda thought with jealousy reeking from her body.

"You go back home and have some rest. Don't forget you're a patient yourself,"

Rufus said, bearing an indifferent look on his face. Amanda thought Rufus would be moved by her gesture. She expected to receive some words of affection for taking care of him. However, he was as cold as he had always been.

"I'm not tired, Rufus. I like to stay with you, and I'll always be here for you!"

Amanda responded lovingly. Without waiting for his reply, she held his hand tightly and laid her head softly on his body.

"Hey Amanda, take my advice and go home. You look really tired and I don't see why you should stay here. If I need something then the nursing assistant can take care of it. So don't worry,"

Rufus thoughtfully suggested. With his knitted brows, he noticed Amanda's pale face. He didn't like it when she fussed over him.

"Rufus, please let me stay with you. I can tell you feel dejected because Cassandra abandoned you in this crucial time. I feel obliged to remind you that I will always be here for you!"

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