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   Chapter 224 Remaining Unconscious

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Cassandra had already stopped crying after she saw Rufus open his eyes. But now that she saw her name in his contact list, her eyes started to tear up again.

Was it true that he had already seen her as his family?

None of the Tang family members' names were in this list, but hers was. Was she more important to him than his own father?

Desperately trying to hold back her tears, Cassandra dialed Michelle's number. Once she got through, she told her of the accident.

"We're in the ambulance now, but you'll have to be at the hospital as soon as possible. They won't clear him for sugery unless you sign the waiver."

Cassandra tried to be as calm as possible. She didn't want Michelle to worry too much. If she rushed Michelle, she might panic and risk her safety on the way to the hospital, too.

"What? A car accident? I'm on my way!" Michelle exclaimed.

She immediately hung up the phone and rushed towards the hospital as quickly as she could. While she was on her way, she called Jasper to relay the same information. She asked Jasper to return to the country immediately.

She hadn't been in touch with Rufus recently because of their rather busy schedules. She was busy serving as a judge for a fashion design contest overseas. There really was no time for her to notice what was happening between Rufus and Cassandra.

Michelle's heart clenched, thinking about all the gossips that their relationship must have brought.

Rufus was always so careful and cautious. How could a car accident ever happen to him? Were they having problems that made him reckless?

Michelle shook her head violently. Now was not the time to dwell over such things. She focused on making it to the hospital as quickly as possible.

The ambulance quickly arrived at the hospital. Cassandra's grip loosened on Rufus's hand since he had to be rushed to the emergency room. She watched the emergency technicians run towards the room, leaving her in front of the doorway; her eyebrows scrunched together in worry.

Michelle ran towards the reception desk as soon as she got into the lobby, and signed the waiver that was on hold for her.

"Please do everything you can at all costs. We are willing to do anything to save him!" Michelle pleaded with the doctor.

The doctor simply nodded and entered the operating room. Michelle sighed, finally letting her mind and body relax. However, she found herself frowning when she turned around and saw Cassandra.

"Cassandra, what happened? Rufus would never be so reckless when he's driving!"

Michelle asked in a reproaching tone, sensing that the accident must have something to do with Cassandra.

Cassandra's eyebrow twitched upon hearing her. She closed her eyes and breathed, trying to react as calmly as possible.

"I'm sorry, Michelle. I had a fight with Rufus. I said I wan

refused to separate them.

She thought that Rufus had seen her as a burden. Why couldn't he just leave her?

Cassandra shook her head disappointingly. Her tears almost ran dry for Rufus, and all this was unknown to him.

She wished that he would just wake up. However, two days later, he still hasn't moved. He had been sleeping quietly with the IV drip hooked up to his hand and the food tube stuck down his nose.

Seeing Cassandra's haggard face, Michelle's heart ached.

"I hired a carer. You can take a break. You should rest, really."

She was still upset with Cassandra, but she wasn't mad anymore.

Cassandra had been taking care of Rufus day and night. She cleaned his body with warm wash towel because he had always liked being clean and tidy.

Michelle was moved by Cassandra's devotion. However, if Rufus remained unconscious, she would still feel resentful towards Cassandra.

"I'm not tired,"

Cassandra said, not even bothering to look behind her to face Michelle. She motioned to the edge of the bed when she noticed the food tube was empty, then called for the nurse to change it.

"I don't care if you're tired or not. You don't want Rufus to see you all haggard and restless like that, do you? Go home. Take a bath and change your clothes."

Michelle sounded distant, but truthfully, she really cared about Cassandra. Cassandra could sense Michelle's concern.

It was obvious that telling her to go home and change her clothes was just an excuse to allow Casandra to sleep in a bed comfortably.

Looking at Rufus solemnly, Cassandra finally conceded.

"Fine. I'll go home and clean myself up. If anything happens, please, please call me at once."

Cassandra quietly left the ward. Staring at the unconscious Rufus, Michelle felt worried.

'Rufus, I know you're deeply in love with Cassandra. But I'm not sure if that's a blessing or a curse.'

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